rouge 05 v. grenat 06 (pics)

  1. Ok ladies, so I got my grenat city today. :wlae: I love it. I had it shipped to work b/c I didn't want to miss it (also I need to keep this on the DL from hubby for a while :shame: ).

    Anyway, I don't think there's a side-by-side comparison of the two reds yet - so here ya go! :girlsigh: It's interesting that the rouge 05 looks like the rouge vif 06 - but i swear it's not! :idea:
    compare.JPG front.JPG back.JPG
  2. :love: 0o0o0o congrats on your new GRENAT city!!! so beautiful!!!! :tender:
  3. Wow, GORGEOUS! I love red bags, and both of those are amaaaazing. If your DH is anything like mine, he'd not see the very obvious color/size difference between the two and think they were one in the same.... But then again, my DH thinks Bbags cost about $200 :graucho: so that tells you how much I've educated him on them. I figure, ignorance is bliss for both he AND myself!

    Anyway, I digress. Congrats on your BEAUITFUL red ladies!!!
  4. Omg!!!!!!!!!!! I Love Your Rouge Hobo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Me, too!!! It's beautiful!!!:love: Congrats on your Grenat City, too!:flowers:
  6. Gorgeous bag. I am just loving the grenat color! (and I love your rouge Day bag). Congratulations!
  7. Thanks for the comparison pics! I know what u mean about the pic colour of the 05 rouge. It's hard to capture the right shade of blue-red that it really is. Gorgeous.. both bags!!!
  8. Congrats!! Love both your grenat and the the rouge!! :heart: :heart:
  9. very pretty!!! thanks for the side-by-side comparison! you should post these in the doc. colors sticky! (if you already havent) congrats! :flowers:
  10. wow, you're sure a luckybunny today girl, your grenat's gorgeous :love:
  11. Congrats! I love both the rouge Day and the grenat City!!
  12. thanks for that info bunny!
    congrats lovely bags
  13. Thanks all. I really :heart: my rouge hobo - I think it's my favorite color. It's funny b/c I always thought of it as a dark red until I got the grenat; now that's a dark red! I'll post in the doc colors thread when I get home tonight.

    TTucker you're so right about DH not noticing! :graucho: I transferred all my stuff into the city bag last nite (in my locked bedroom - felt like I was smuggling drugs :busted ) and quickly put the hobo back in the dust cover. When I came back downstairs, and was wearing the new city, DH just looked up and said nothing. I froze in my tracks for a sec, but he just looked back down and said, "the cat threw up in the kitchen." :throwup: I was so relieved about him not noticing that I didn't even mind cleaning up cat barf. :yucky:
  14. That's a cute story luckybunny.:smile: If your DH is like mine he doesn't notice the subtleties in hues, in this instance the red family.
  15. cutieee... but persoonally i like the rouge color better :P
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