rouge 05 twiggy

  1. that is a great price!:nuts:
  2. isn't it? who's after a rouge twig?
  3. OMG!!! I've been looking for an 05 Rouge Twiggy in Mint condition! :heart: I want it. lol. But, I'm already getting an 06 Rouge, but it's beautiful...:tender:
  4. 05 rouge is puuuuuuuuuurty :love: :sigh:
  5. I keep coming back to look at this auction! lol! My fingers are itchin to buy it! Hmm...06 rouge or 05 rouge...I may cancel my preorder for the 06 if I don't step away from this computer soon. lol. This bag is gorgeous!!! How was the 05 rouge leather? I heard that the new 06 rouge leather is thicker?
  6. You should scratch the itch pupsterpurse. I like the 05 rouge so much better. The 05 rouge vif screams too loudly.
  7. If you don't do it.... i will !!!! :P
    Pust I think you should buy it. This color is gorgeous :heart: :heart: :heart:
  8. I agree. 05 is definitely better! more depth.
  9. OMG...I want this sooo badly. I won't have the money to buy it until Tuesday, though!:crybaby: It'll be long gone by then...:sad:
  10. LOL...Ok, I totally misread the currency units. I thought it was in Euros not Pounds! lol! I was thinking, $784--incredible deal! It's actually over $1100. Still a fair price, but out of my league considering my recent tPF induced purchases.:graucho: So, myriamrees--go for it! :heart: :heart: :heart: Then post pics of you wearing it so I can drool over them. lol.
  11. Oh noooo !!
    I can't buy it either. :crybaby: So many beautiful handbags and no money to spend!!!!!!!!! Could you b-bag's sellers on ebay STOP bombard me with your beautiful bags??? :hysteric: Give me a rest, please!!!:wacko: