rouge 05 + lubriderm = red hands!

  1. Ok, so after reading and seeing all the amazing effects lubriderm had on the bbags, i decided to use it on my 05 rouge day bag. I started with the back and gently messaged the lotion in using the techniques you brilliant gals suggested. the outcome was not as good as y'alls but one thing happened that i didn't expect; my hands turned completely red! i rubbed them off on some paper towels and left a trail of reddish pink paper towels on my kitchen floor. DH thought i had some freak accident while cooking! anyway, it's probably b/c of the bag's color. This is just a warning to those of you who are tempted to try lubriderm on your rouge bags. Because of this, i decided to not lube the front. so now the front of my bag is still shiny (and rather pretty, now that i look at it) and the back is matte and soft. oh wells, she's my one and only bbag (on the list for a grenat city) and i still love her to death!
  2. eeks! is the leather OK?!?! give it a few hours and give an update!
  3. Yes- keep us posted! I wonder if other colors will do that! I'm sure your bag will be fine anyway!
  4. whatttt??????? i hope the bag's ok
  5. The leather is fine - better actually! i actually did it over the weekend...managed to not have a heart attack immediately afterwards! The color is still the same shade (thank heavens!), but just lost the shine. i kind of regret it now because the shine adds to the rouge color - making it more jewel like. but what can i do? i was totally in awe of all the lubed bags posted on the forum that i didn't even think about losing the shine. But yeah, just wanted to let you guys know of my semi-failed lubriderm experiment. i think i'm the only one who didn't get fabulous results. doh!
  6. Oh no, Sorry that happened! I also have a "05 rouge hobo/day. I did the "ranskimmie technique" of twisting the life out of the leather. It definitely made it softer, less veiny & less shiny (I like the matte look). I also used Applegard leather conditioner on it with no problems (i.e. no ruboff) You might want to try that. Hope it all works out :smile:
  7. if you buff the surface with a soft cloth and then do applegarde - a lot of the shine will come back ;)
  8. ^ oh really? i'll try that when i get home today. thanks!
  9. The lubriderm didn't last on my bag :sad: So maybe, the shine will come back to yours as well.
  10. wow! This is really interesting how they are so different!
  11. Hi luckybunny,

    Thanks for posting this! Red is a notoriously unstable color, in fabrics and dyes in general. I didn't have any dye rub-off on my black, bordeaux or cornflower.
    We all need to remember to do that "test spot". At least your bag is okay!
  12. Thank goodnes your bag is the same shade! Yikes! I think I would have freaked out, too! :blink: Definitely try mocean's rec to buff and then AG to try to get the shine back(maybe try it on small inconspicous surface first just in case). Keep us posted! :biggrin:
  13. Yep...when I buff my 05 rouge-red with a white cloth, it leaves dye on the cloth. I actually like my bags matte with little shine. I'm sure with some buffing, the shine will come back. :flowers:
  14. thanks for all the advice! you guys are the bestest! i don't know if i should trust my grubby unprofessional paws on this beautiful bag anymore. i think i'll spray some AG on it and step away and hope for the best. man, after this experience, my bags should get a restraining order against me! i was eyeing my MJ and LVs too. Yipes!
  15. Very interesting. I did my 05 rouge a couple weeks ago with lubriderm and had no dye come off whatsoever. Different dye batch maybe?