Rouge 05 City

  1. Yeah the first looked better IMO, is the second one real?
  2. hmmm.. I'm not an expert but I think they're both 05 bags but different leather lots. The number on the second line indicates that (right?) and both bags have different numbers. Yeah, the first one looks so much better! Squishy. The second one looks like an 06 bag to me.
  3. Talking to myself here... I'm so bummed I missed out on that first one! I've been this close to going crazy and ordering a Roube Vif City because I'm so in love with a red City--but I already have a R Vif Twiggy!

    Must. Chill.
  4. hahaha glimmer... I know the feeling. are you not feeling the twiggy shape? or do you just want 2 of the same color? the red cities are slowly coming out of the woodwork now at the stores, so you could always buy the city and then sell the twiggy
  5. No actually I LOVE my Twiggy!!! But I love the City in red soooo much. If I got a Rouge Vif City I still couldn't sell my Twigg.

    I think my answer is to find an older red so I can say that they are actually different colors. :wlae:
  6. The first one does look so much nicer than the second. I had this authenticated through another thread but it's not as nice as the first one.
  7. Anybody here get the first one???
  8. that was actually my auction... but i'm happy to hear it looks good! i was really surprised it sold soo quickly though.
  9. Congrats, Pink! Are you making room for more bags? :smile:
  10. both looks authentic 05 rouge theatre city to me :yes:

    Congrats on a quick sale, pinkpirate! :yahoo: Who's the lucky winner? The 05 rouge is sooooooooooooooo gorgeous :tender:
  11. aw thanks for the support! i am making room for more bags... the rouge vif CITY to be precise! it was tough to let go though cos this was the one fw05/ss06 bag that had perfect leather. it's so beautiful but i'd always wanted something like the true reds from 03 and 04. i thought the buyer had to be from tpf cos they seemed to know their stuff!
  12. Pinky, the leather on that bag is TDF!! But I'm hoping you like the Rouge Vif more. The leather on mine is soooooooo soft and perfect!!!