Rouge 03 vs Rouge Theatre.....has anyone seen both these colors IRL?

  1. How do they compare? I have a Rouge Theatre City and I'd like to know if the Rouge 03 is darker/lighter, more orange/blue do these two colors compare to one another? Thanks!
  2. Good question. I'd like to know too although based on pics of NR's 03, it looks like the RT is a bit darker I think.
  3. Rouge '03 is closest to Rouge Vif.
  4. rouge 03 is closest to RT.
  5. ^^I have a rouge theatre and it's almost burgundy - it's a deep blood red.

    '03 red IS closer to Rouge Vif
  6. [​IMG]

    Here's a 03 red. It looks NOTHING like Rouge Theatre. Closer to Rouge Vif.
  7. [​IMG]

    ^^Another 2003 red again NOTHING like Rouge Theatre.
  8. I think those are both photos of 04 Red, not 03 Red. I know the Sienna pic is 04 Red, for sure.
  9. I agree sienna's pic is an 04 red...
  10. Feisty!
  11. beaux I wasn't rying to challenge you I 'm just going by LP's now obselete bbag refrence. My apologies:idea:
  12. guess tonight we'll have a comparison photo with all three (Rouge Theatre, Rouge 03 and Rouge 04) courtesy of shmigadoodle. She owns all 3 colors!!!! I can't wait to see it.:smile:
  13. ^^The first bag is firstclass1's bag. She lists it as a 2003 bag.:p
  14. I look forward to seeing the comparison pics. In the mean time, this is the 04 True Red first.

    I think the RT is darker than them all, more bugundy/red.
    DSC03830.jpg DSC03834.jpg