Rouge 03' Pics

  1. Does anybody have any pictures they could share?
    I'm so pathetic :oh:
    I just want to see another one.
    I have some photo's of a city (and the one with Sienna Miller which I just saw the other day), but none of a classique or bigger.
    If anyone owns one of these bags could you post some or PM me for my e-mail when you have the time??

    I'm so desperate for one, and I just need the visual to tide me over.
    Like I said. PATHETIC.

  2. oooohhhhh I really was hoping that you finally found your 03 rouge, winona!!!! :Push: I think MiMi and Amour has it
  3. Didn't MiMi post pics of hers? You will find one winona!! Fingers crossed we get our dream bags!
  4. winona .... I PM'd you - I have the '03 red Twiggy ! I'll trie to post pictures .... :yes:;)
    106-0623_IMG.JPG 106-0638_IMG.JPG 106-0625_IMG.JPG Balenciaga red twiggy.jpg
  5. ^ very OT, does anyone know what style is that LV bag (and roughly how much)?

    BTW firstclass1, your 03 rouge twiggy is GORGEOUS!!!!! :love:
  6. hatikuh, it's the manhattan GM. its retail is $1770.

    firstclass, your red twiggy is so pretty! i love red bags. :love:
  7. ah, thanks, jennifer!
  8. thank you so much first class!!

    I love the Manhattan GM, but I already have a fancy Jacobs Venetia (quilted, black) so I can't really justify another in the exact same shape, hardware etc.
    I still don't understand how Jacobs crossed that style over, and if Vuitton or Jacobs was first to release it.

    jacobs venetia.jpg venetia1.jpg
  9. Jacobs and Vuitton....same person since Marc is now the designer at
    Vuitton.....they are both gorgeous, the GM and the quilted
  10. ^^ I know ;) I was just wondering why he would bother linking the lines like that and what came first?
    I love both bags too!
  11. ^ you're right, they are pretty similar, in fact the Manhattan GM might even be the first LV style I actually really like (maybe because it's un-LV-like? I don't know much about LV... oh BTW sorry to steal your thread winona!)
  12. The SA at LV told me that they decided to replicate Marc's signature style of this bag "to pay homage to his creative genius," which sounds like the MJ came first...but again, this is second-hand knowledge...
  13. the venetia has been out for a long time before the manhattan pm or gm.
    imo, marc is just capitalizing on his success by doing the cross-over. can't blame him bc i :heart: both the venetia and the blake (which translate into the manhattan gm and pm, respectively!).
  14. I rationalized that the Venetia came first.
    I doubted that the Vuitton company would allow him to use a style for LV then cross over to his personal line. It was much more plausable that he used it in his personal line, then LV accepted it!
    Jennifer, thanks for proving I can, at times, be rational. ;)

    Hatikuh, I LOVE this topic! Hijack away!!