Ross Simons chocolate indian styled diamond drop earrings - nice or not?

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  1. Hi, in case you have experience purchasing similar types of Indian style chocolate paved diamond earrings from Ross Simons - are they nice or not in real life? Do they look authentic (do they sparkle) or come across like costume jewelry?

    Ross Simons are having a super deal on these. However, I had the experience buying pricier diamond drop earrings from them, they did not look so special and I had to incur the hassle of return.

    For those who bought similar types, will appreciate your input. Thanks!
  2. Online they look really pretty - cool earrings!

  3. Hi! I bought these earrings from Ross Simons back in June and I absolutely ADORE them! They look much better in person and sparkle like crazy!!! I tried to capture the sparkle without much luck. I get tons of compliments on these and they are super versatile. I have also been unlucky with Ross Simons in the past with some earrings and hadn't purchased from them in a long time but I was really wanting a pair of earrings like this and they seemed to have some of the best prices. I am really happy with this purchase! Good luck!! HTH!!!

  4. Hi jmaemonte, really great to hear! Real life feedback is the best! If you don't mind, how much were your earrings? I think they increased prices on your specific ones. You made a great deal!
  5. Wow, you're right, they did increase the price. I paid $1396.00 in June. I really do love them and I am contemplating getting a different style too.
  6. Lucky you! Now it's over $2000. The earrings I'm contemplating are similar but not identical to the one you bought. Less cara for onet. But seems from the same source, and your experience gives me confidence this time it will work out alright.
  7. Good luck! I really hope it works out for you! Definitely let us know if you get them!! :biggrin:
  8. I think they look very sexy...go for it!
  9. Thanks sky queen and swanky mama!
  10. i really like them! I have a lot of pieces from RS and am rarely disappointed with appearance or quality. You may want to have a trusted jeweler tighten the prongs of the diamonds - the only thing I have had a problem with at RS is some loose progs, but i just have my mom's jeweler tighten them and all is well
  11. Hi twinstar, yes they are a grayish brown and it seems to really depend on the lighting.
  12. They are marvelous!

    I used to buy tons of jewelry from R/S back in the day (1990's, before gold skyrocketed!). The past few years, though, they have little gold, and the prices seem rather steep for what they do have. Their catalogs just didn't excite me they way they used to. At any rate, I never had a problem with their stuff--it was always very nice. In fact, the very reason I own all of my rough-cut ruby jewelry is due to seeing the back page of one of their catalogs about 4 years ago. I thought, "Hmmm....gotta get me some of that!" Of course, you know me--I by-passed them, and found the very same pieces on eBay much cheaper! :biggrin:

    I miss buying from R/S.
  13. Love the shape of the earrings, let us know if you do decide on them ! :yes:
  14. ^ I love the shape too! Great style!
  15. Thanks everyone! They're on their way! Reveal will take a while though, shipped to a friend's house, will pick up in a couple of months' time. Hope they will be ok!