Ross Bag vs. Rosso Bag?

  1. Ok, so I have an authentic Jimmy Choo Rosso bag from last spring season in Stone color. It retailed for $1600, unlike $1450 for the Ross bag (I have the receipt). Mine has TWO rows of grommets and buckles instead of ONE, like the Ross bag pictured in the celebrity photos.

    Anyone familiar with the ROSSO vs the ROSS?

    I am attaching a picture. Any input will be greatly appreciated. :yes:
  2. My rosso came from and they called it rosso, JC calls it ross. It only has one row of grommets and buckles.

    Maybe it's a diff. model year. Sometimes they change things from year to year.
  3. I had purchased a Blush Ross like your photo from Bergdorf's last fall, (returned it, too metallic looking), but JC store also called it a Ross.:shrugs:
  4. I am thinking only some of the Boutiques ordered it.
    The tag sticker says ROSSO, $1600, and it came from
    Atlanta JC Boutique.

    It's actually very cute :heart: with the double rows and looks more like a Ramona, but smaller with the flaps, like the Ross. It is a cross-breed! ;)