Rosie's small collection

  1. After seeing everyone's fantastic pieces, I want to share with everyone my humble collection too. I've been dying to go purse shopping in the past few days and a classic Chanel bag is definitely on my wishlist.

    Let's start with my first designer bag. Received it as a gift for my 20th birthday.

    Latest addition, Isabella Fiore hobo

    This is mostly used during travelling

    Gift from Mother-in-law

    25th Birthday present

    Here's how it looks on me

    This is a perfect spring bag. looks great with jeans.
  2. I love the pink bag!
  3. What a great collection! Thanks for sharing!
  4. love the red gucci! great collection
  5. I love the Sonatine LV. Is the Pink one from BCBG Max Azria?
  6. ohh the gucci is fantastic
    and the Isabella Fiore too!!

    what is the pink bag?? i lovee it!!
  7. Very nice. I :heart: your Louis Vuitton Sonatine!
  8. that sonatine is SO cute, and what a nice MIL!! :yes:
  9. Love your collection - very nice. That red Gucci is my favourite- lovely
  10. Wow! Awesome collection! That red Gucci rocks! :love:
  11. Adorable collection :love:
  12. Love the Gucci bag:yes:
  13. Is that Gucci bag large or medium ?cause i've been wanting to buy the black version
  14. Very nice!
  15. Beautiful collection. The red Gucci looks great on you!