Rosie strikes again

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  1. Anyone watching the View? Rosie just shot down Elizabeth again and told her to stop talking and get to her question to the guest. She was SO rude. I am not even an Elizabeth fan, but this was just uncalled for and so insulting. I used to be a Rosie fan, but she cannot handle herself on this program.

    I'll try to find a clip to post, but it just happened...
  2. Yeah I saw this too and she told her to stop blathering. Very ignorant! She attacked her for setting up her question as if she weren't going to let Rory speak. I find it amazing that she was in a roundabout way was accusing her of blindsiding a guest when she did the same thing to Tom Selleck on her own show.
  3. I saw that too. I normally like Rosie but I thought she went too far today. Rosie was the one blathering -- Elisabeth asked Rory a question and Rosie interrupted her!

    If she's like that in public/in front of millions of people on television, imagine what she must be like at home. I certainly hope she doesn't treat her spouse and her children that way. :sad:
  4. She is annoying and gets paid to be so.
  5. I took it completly different. Rory Kennedy was talking about how the prisoners were being tortured and Elizabeth went on her on political speech saying that not all soldiers do torture their prisoners. SHe (Elizabeth) had a hard time believing that her wonderful Pres. Bush would allow this type of behavior from the troops. And Elzabeth DID go on and on.........I am just glad Rosie shut her up! Rosie just told her to ask her questions, which she never got around to because she was going on her own little speech.

    They are there to interview Rory Kennedy NOT to try to step on their own political platform and disagree with the the facts she did uncover.
    I did see Joy's face, she got a little uncomfortable also!
  6. That would be okay if Rosie didn't do the same thing all the time. Don't get me wrong, I don't agree with Elizabeth most of the time, but the way she handled this was SO disrespectful of her co worker. Rosie talks over guests all the time and consistently voices her unsolicited opinions during interviews. It was in poor taste.
  7. I hate her,I miss Rosie when she was on Nickelodeon,and when she was in the closet. Rosie now is so obnoxious & annoying
  8. ^^ I agree Rosie was much better and nicer when she was in the closet! One would think she would be much nicer and calmer now since she is freely out of the closet and isn't living with that secret/lie any longer but it seems she's taken a turn for the worse. She's loud and rude and just annoying all around. It just seems as if she is a very unhappy person on the inside and out to me.
  9. I don't watch the show any longer and did not see this but after your version of the story I'm also inclined to think Rosie was justified in this instance. Elizabeth can be a little naive when it comes to her beloved Mr. Bush. She needs to go work for the Fox News Network. I think she'd be much happier there.
  10. ^ True she is deluded but that is the beauty of politics, we are all entitled to form our own opinions and beliefs. There is never any justification for being rude to someone.
  11. I agree with you. Elisabeth wasn't even trying to ask a question! She was, however, interrupting and trying to take over the interview. She wouldn't even let Rory Kennedy respond.

    Elisabeth's deep-rooted belief system revealed itself again today. As Rosie said, even though Elisabeth watched the documentary twice... she still holds the same beliefs that she displayed last week... :shrugs:

    I thought Rory showed a lot of patience with Elisabeth!
  12. I dislike both Rosie and Elizabeth. Elizabeth is very naive about a lot of things. Rosie just is boisterous. Neither one of them shoud be giving their views on anything. Neither one can see both sides of a conversation. I guess that's why they keep both of them on the show. You just wait to see when Rosie is going to ***** slap Elizabeth. I think Joy does the right thing by staying out of things. She cracks me up.
  13. Don't misunderstand. I have absolutely nothing in common belief-wise with Elizabeth. Honestly, I find her to be a conservative talking point blowhole, and I agree that she would be better suited to Fox.

    However, Rosie grandstands all the time. Half the time when she is interviewing someone they don't get a word in edgewise. During the opening segment, it is rare she doesn't interrupt her co-hosts. So I find it ironic that she criticizes Elizabeth for doing the same things Rosie herself does.

    Regardless, this may be good for ratings and the pp was right when she said Rosie is paid to be annoying, but I find the whole thing hard to watch. I rarely catch the View, and now I know why!
  14. I wish this thread and others like it could involve everything BUT politics. It's been said before by the Mods in the other threads about Rosie and the View that posts should not involve Political views, like reference to news networks, etc..... I would appreciate it as well if those comments could be left out. I have many opinions myself and could have plenty to say, but I respect it is a subject that does not need to be discussed or debated here.

    The issue is.... Rosie is the blathering idiot and I do not appreciate most of what she has to say, especially how she says it. She is overbearing and rude and does not give anyone the respect to have an opinion other than hers.
  15. I would like to add.... I think it's unfortunate Elizabeth does not have the backbone to tell Rosie to.......... to stand up for herself and intelligently voice her points of view. Rosie is able to walk all over Elizabeth because of her weakness, she doesn't need to be so rude and disrespectful while doing it.
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