Rosie & Omarosa, Slam Trump, Over His" Miss USA" Decision

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  1. [​IMG]TMZ has learned that officials from the Miss USA pageant will make a "major announcement" today and may strip reigning Miss USA Tara Conner of her title due to inappropriate behavior.

    Sources tell TMZ that executives from the Miss USA organization and NBC (which broadcasts the pageant) met Tuesday to discuss Conner and alleged incidents of her inappropriate behavior, including her conduct at New York City bars. While no one from the pageant would comment on the rumored troubles, several sources tell TMZ that a big announcement is expected some time Thursday. According to these sources, officials are extremely unhappy with the current Miss USA's conduct in public.

    Pageant rules say that if Connor is removed, first runner-up Miss California Tamiko Nash will assume the duties of Miss USA and complete the remainder of the beauty queen's reign. When TMZ contacted a rep for Nash, we were told they could "neither confirm nor deny" that she would be taking over the title.

    [​IMG]Twenty-year-old Conner, who hails from Russell Springs, Kentucky, was crowned Miss USA in April of 2006. As part of her duties Connor often takes part in high profile media events. She recently boarded the Black Pearl for a "Pirates of the Caribbean" promotion in Baltimore.

    TMZ contacted the NBC publicist, we traded phone calls but were unable to get any official comment.

    UPDATE: Donald Trump, who owns the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, told CNN that "Reports that Miss USA is being 'dethroned' are absolutely not true." He then said that Conner is "going through some personal problems and difficulties right now which could affect her ability to reign. We are right now looking into what we can do to work with her and what we will do about her reign going forward."
  2. This is really alarming. I sure hope she didn't throw any drinks at Lindsay Lohan.

    Will CNN be having Live Continuous Extensive Coverage of the De-Throning rituals? Should I email Christiane just to make sure she's on the case?
  3. ^^You are too funny ShimmaPuff:graucho:
  4. Maybe she pulled a Britney and went commando.
  5. ***This just in*** The scandal involved 3 other celebrity women, Fed Ex, strawberries & whipped cream. :yes:

    pics coming soon !!!
  6. :roflmfao:
  7. Prada, bring the scoop when you get it! I got faith in you!

  8. Keep us posted Prada's Meadow
  9. Yeah I don't know what she did, but I'm dying to know. so I made crap up in the mean time . :wlae:

    So those of you who were waiting to see Fed Ex covered in whipped cream , sorry to disappoint you all.
  10. Being dethroned would be the best thing she could ask for. Look at Vanessa Williams, the most successful de-throned beauty queen EVER! :P
  11. ^^^ My sentiments exactly.

  12. She doesn't look old, but according to that article she's 20--she looks older than 20 to me. I guess too much drinking will do that to you. I read this and the stories about LiLo and think back to my college days with the fake ID's--guess you don't need those anymore!

    Prada's Meadow, I bow down to you--you find all the good stuff!
  13. Wow, she does look older than 20.
  14. I heard that she was having "personal problems" and it was a mutual decision for her to step down.

    The PR factory hard at work!