Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Style Thread

  1. Anyone know which fur jacket she is wearing in the airport pictures? I love it!!
  2. she is wearing the isabel marant xacala fur its so beautiful ^^
  3. jaded ^^ great thread! :smile:
  4. Burberry

  5. Thanks dear!

    She is wearing Burberry!

    She makes me want to buy everything she has!

  6. I know! shes got such great style ^^ everything she wears always looks so gorgeous and chic :smile:

    She will make us all go broke! lol ..

    how do you add pics jade?
  7. Wow - I don't think she is human, she's too perfect!
  8. I love her
  9. I think she's engaged. Saw a pic of her in the street style thread sporting a sparkler.
  10. She is one of the moste beautiful women!!She looks gorgeous and she really has nice fresh style!!I love her!!
  11. She is absolutely gorgeous! I was about to buy that Alexanda Wang bag.
  12. Wow! thank you so much for starting this thread!

    I absolutely adore her style...:cloud9:

    She is so inspiring!