Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Style Thread

  1. H_addict they are Balmain!
  2. She looks fab!
  3. she couldn't be any cuter!!!:love: Girl crush all the way!!!

  5. And the jacket? :nuts:
  6. ^Isabel Marant;)
  7. Hope you find them! :cool:
  8. Awesome! Thank you :smile:
  9. we need more pics !!!! :smile:
  10. Thank you for this thread!

    I had heard the name before, seen some photos, but somehow never paid much attention. And now - wow! Rosie has been blessed with beautiful bone structure. The high cheekbones, pronouced jawline and those full lips. A face the camera can't help but love.

    Add the tall, slim figure and you have a knock-out. And she has style. Although it looks so effortless, I'm sure Rosie puts lots of thought into what she wears. She has that special touch, a very stylish young woman.

    The only other model whose beauty and style I adored as much is Jerry Hall. I know this "dates" me, but that's okay because I turned 60 years old yesterday.

    Again, thank you so much for this thread. It's been such a pleasure looking at the photos and reading the comments!
  11. Monday (July 23) in the West End neighborhood of London.


  12. With Jason in London last night.

  13. Elle UK Sept. 2012 cover


    credit: fashioncopious
  14. Going by looks alone, they're such an unlikely couple. I don't know the first thing about Rosie's boyfriend. He appears to be quite a bit older... is he known to be courteous, charming, caring, whatever? He wears such a scowl on his face most of the time.

    Rosie is such a beauty and I adore her, but would like to hear more about Jason and his role in Rosie's life.
  15. He's an action movie star... here's his wikipedia :smile: