Rosie has finally arrived in her new home!!

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  1. Thank you, Kriscat, Hula, Maisiebelle and Cmaec!

    We've been out for a walk, oak rosie, my cat and me. Wanted to get my cat vaccinated before the holidays, just to arrive 9 minutes too late (and after carrying that b****y big cage with a 6kg cat inside, which by the way gets 'car sick' just being inside the cage, I wasn't exactly pleased ..!) Thought they closed 1pm, but it was 12.30..

    But then, after returning home and 'releasing' a very happy cat, I went to the post office, where I knew I would have something pleasant in store:graucho: Cmaec, ginger has arrived!!
  2. So...OOOOOOOOOO glad she arrived safely. Hope you like her.
  3. rosie is such a great size:biggrin: I took oak Rosie out today and she's so easy to carry. Comfy and practical:P
  4. She is an absolute stunner - TDF . Cogratulations on a mega find.
  5. Thanks, Slowhand! I'm very happy with her!:yahoo: