Rosie has finally arrived in her new home!!

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  1. I Love the bag, it suits you and just looks wonderful. I have been looking out for one for awhile and it was great to see one being modeled as I have mow decided to definitely purchase one!!
  2. Congratulations - you look made for each other!

    PS/ always admire your bedroom too - wish mine was as tidy as yours!!

    PPS/ Corries - just looked at the link to your collection - that oak printed Bays is TDF!!
  3. Rosie looks grgeous on you Lillemy. Love the patina on that bag!
  4. Congrats Lillemy, you look so good with Rosie! I love the rich, dark colour, it is really beautiful. I'm sure you will have lots of fun together!
  5. That must be the best Rosemary ever. I am stunned by the richness of the colour! Thanks for the modelling pics - this style really suits you.
  6. What a beautiful little Rosemary, Lillemy! I love the dark oak colour (very similar to your new oak Piccadilly, no?) and the graining is fantastic. Rosie looks FAB on you and I love your shoes! Congrats and enjoy!
  7. It's beautiful! Congrats!
  8. You look fab with her and the bag suits you hunny . anyone ever told you ,you look like baby spice ? i.e emma burton ;0)
  9. Wow, it looks absolutely fantastic on you. Its such a cute bag and in a classic colour - congrats.
  10. Thank you Claire, RatRat, Vicky and Purseinsanity!

    Thanks Palachan! I love these shoes too. Had them for a couple of years, and they are lighter than the Rosie, but don't care...

    Mini, thanks! And yes, it holds really a lot! It's been with me on all my outings the last three days - even when walking the dog, since it so practical with a smallish bag that stays on the shoulder to keep things when the summer clothing don't have pockets! The best is that I don't have to baby it.

    Sterre, thank you - I love it!! It will definately come with me on holiday next week - it's such a great bag for all use (well maybe not on the beach..but..).

    Audrey, thanks, and always glad I can help enabling!:graucho:

    Lady Farquar, thank you both for bag compliment and re: bedroom:biggrin: Guess it's ok tidy at the moment... but still waiting to get the big bedspread cleaned (too big for regular washing machine, and the summer curtains are laying on a chair, not being hung up yet... so tidy is a definition I guess..

    Jo, thanks, yes it has a lovely patina. It's also great to have a bag I don't have to baby that much.

    Jenova, thank you - the colour is amazing. I love the dark colour and the thick leather. The dark colour might have something to do with a certain water trick too though:graucho:

    Klp, thank you! The graining is very nice - I love it when it shows 'properly' and even all over. The colour is even darker than the Piccadilly! But hm, yes, they will make a lovely couple on the holiday:P

    Snowshoe - thanks! And LOL... Babyspice.. But think she's cute, so if so, that's just nice:biggrin:
  11. Thank you, Ali! I love oak! Cannot get enough bags in oak, I think:P

    Some bags do really well in the oak colour.
  12. Gorgeous bag, you look fab together - congrats!
  13. Wow, that looks divine! Love the shade that it has patinated into. Congratulations Lilemy!
  14. Beautiful bag! It looks wonderful on you!!
  15. Gorgeous rosemary lillemy. Looks great on you

    P.S no sign of ginger yet.