Rosie has finally arrived in her new home!!

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  1. She arrived yesterday after a few days of travel, well wrapped up by her former owner - a lovely TPF'er!:biggrin:

    As many of you know, I've been wanting an oak Rosemary for a while - I'm thrilled with her!! Love the dark, rich colour and the grainy leather! She's so tiny and cute:yahoo: Still, I get everything I need for everyday use in her. Very nice as a handheld, but sits very well on the shoulder too.

    I gave her a polish with collonil cream yesterday to get rid of some dry areas, and we had our first outing together for the evening walk with the dog.

    Enough talk, here she is!

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  2. And a couple of modelling pics.. a couple with rosie as handheld and one with the shoulder strap..

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  3. Gorgeous Lillemy-what a lovely Rosie. the colour is fab. You look lovely and happy in your modelling pics:biggrin:
  4. Thank you Mamabenny! I do love the dark oak colour, so it's perfect!
  5. Oooh she looks FAB!! You look great together too!! Congrats!! :nuts:
  6. You suit it so well and it looks really well cared for. Congratulations. I prefer the Rosemary to Roxanne in Oak .I think
  7. Thank you, Lovinmymulberry and Corries!

    It's a nice size for everyday use, and very practical with the strap. It's of course less heavy than the roxy. Cuter. I love my olive roxy too though, and I do think the roxy is stunning in oak. I might have to add it later on (as in next year or later hehe).. It's such a classic. (Hope you are using yours, Corries!) But think rosie is a better size for carrying around, and taking out in the evening.
  8. Wow looks fab on you, congratulations on adding another beauty to your collection!
  9. Oak Roxie is the bag I should love but can't. Choc is so perfect and classy but Oak was a mistake . I don't like the style in the lighter colour. But the Rosemary's compactness suits the lightness of the Oak. It just is more aesthetically pleasing to me.

    Oh here that's a bit heavy going for this time of night !!
  10. Thanks, Fuzzy! Hi hi, the collection steadily grows... these gorgeous bags are just popping up - someone needs to look after them :lol:

    Lol.. Corries, I agree with you that rosie looks really good in oak. It's so tiny and compact. All the detailing shows off better in oak.
  11. Congrats Lillemy!
    She looks stunning and suits you very well ^-^
    Great size and very cute, I love mine too! :biggrin:

    Btw, love your shoes!
  12. Very gorgeous and she suits you perfectly. That's a nice shade of oak.
  13. Well Lillemy,you know I'm biased :biggrin:. Your oak Rosie is fabulous, I love the graining. You also look great with her in your modelling pics. Isn't it amazingly practical bag for over the arm or the shoulder. I'm always amazed how much of a tardis the Rosy is, it looks small in real life but holds far more than expected. Congrats on such a fab purchase.
  14. Oh such a beautiful perfect Rosie - you must be still grinning ear to ear! Congrats!!!
  15. That Rosie looks absolutely stunning on you!! I think it was made for you ;).
    The leather cream did it's job well! Looks amazing.

    Enjoy using Rosie (on your holiday:smile:)