Rosewood vs. Roxbury Drive???

  1. Pros and Cons of each please!!
  2. what i like about the rosewood is that it has a zipper closure, instead of snaps (like roxbury). also i think it holds a lot more than the roxbury. though i guess the roxbury is easier to wear on shoulder, and it has that removable strap thing, making it easy to use as a clutch. if cost wasn't an issue, i would have gotten a rox as well. the rox in pomme is TDF. :yes:
  3. i have the rosewood in pearl, it was a toss up between the two in the end i think the rosewood looks more classic than the roxbury :smile: but both are beautiful
  4. I have the Rox in Pomme and the Rosewood in Amarante. Love them both but the Rox a little more.

    Pros: Can carry hand held or Shoulder. The drop of the shoulder is perfect. Can look casual or dressy.
    Cons: Vachetta turns color quickly if used hand-held. Due to the snap closure can'thold too much

    Pros: Good price for a Vernis LV with a Zipper. Cute pocket on oustide (I put my cell in it).
    Cons: Base seems wider at bottome than the Rox, a little awkward under the arm. More dressy than casual due to its shape (seems more sophisticated while Rox seems more whimsical)

    I don't think you'd go wrong with either one. Have fun choosing!
  5. Roxbury, has the better design. I like the shape and color (Amarante) a lot, but it's not very practical I have to admit (because I carry half the kitchensink and am used to messengers...)
  6. Although I love the Roxbury, I think the Rosewood is more practical.