Rosewood Vernis dilemma...

  1. I'm really new to LV and am planning my first LV bag(s). I decided to go and get the Rosewood Vernis in white(perle)..
    Only when I saw the red (pomme) I loved it too!
    I can't decide and am even considering to get both... But I'm really not sure yet, and maybe I'll get the white one first and then later on, say around christmas time the red one... so I can be more wise about spending the money spreaded..

    But, really, I don't know how it goes at LV? Are these bags always in stock? Or could I risk it being sold out?

    Anyway, what would you guys do? And or does anybody have this bag and how do you like it??

    Input please!!!:rolleyes: TIA!
    lvrosewoodred.jpg lvrosewoodwhite.jpg
  2. If you are really new, get the pomme first. The white one is very high maintenance! And I personally think the pomme is cuter. The pomme is seasonal but the white one is probably always there.
  3. I agree, pomme is lovely and classic-looking.
  4. I agree - Pomme!

    It's a great bag :tup:
  5. Pomme is such a fun and happy colour, plus less to worry about in terms of colour transfer! I love the rosewood, the shape is so unique.
  6. Oh, so it does can get sold out? And the white one is a standard one? Sorry if that's a dumb question :confused1:
  7. vernis color is not around forever. currently pomme is already no longer in production for most of the bags so i think most of us will get the pomme 1st as it has a higher "risk" of being no longer available at the store at a later date. the color perle is still around and no news of it being stop yet.
  8. get the pomme!
  9. I have the Rosewood in Amarante and it is a beautiful bag. It holds quite a lot. I like the fact that it has the outside pocket (I put my cell phone in it) and a zipper to keep the bag closed.

    Like everyone said I would go with the Pomme. Lighter vernis colors have issues with color transfer and my SA had a key holder in the white and she said that it actually turned yellow on her.

    Have fun getting your bag!!!
  10. Get the pomme!! I'd to be too nervous carrying the's gorgeous, but I think it'd get color transfer real easy.

  11. Pomme is still in production it was originally a seasonal 6 month release but because it sold so well it has been made permanent BUT permanent in Vernis terms doesn't mean for ever and ever it will be discontinued at some point.
  12. I like Perle, but that's just me, as I'm not into red all that much....
    good luck deciding!!
  13. lol i didn't know that thanks for the information :smile:
  14. I would also get the pomme. The perle would make me nervous. It is so hard to keep clean!
  15. id get the pomme, it is such a show-stopping, gorgeous, rich colour!! Also its much less worry fee, with perle being very susceptable to colour transfer and discolouration (to yellow it seems).