Rosewood Price??

  1. I've already done a search on the Rosewood...but unfortunately no one mentions the price. I also ck'd eluxury and it's not there right now...

    So I thought I'd post here...Price anyone??

    Thx!!!!! :yes:
  2. $750 before tax.
  3. oh and if it comes up as null null just do a search for it :smile:!!
  4. ^^Thanks!!!!!!! :tup:
  5. I have one but don't know th price because hubby picked it up. Sorry!
  6. Release is $870 was not affected by the price increase. :smile:
  7. ^That's good to know, Thx!! :tup:
  8. Sorry. I gave the wrong info... Rosewood has always been $870. I was thinking about the Sunset...