Rosetta Stone: Experiences?

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  1. Hi all,

    I am moving to Miami and was contemplating purchasing Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish. I took a semester in college, but was awful (I grew up in Canada and was taught French from 3rd - 10th grade and so I spoke all the Spanish words in a French accent LOL).

    Anyhow, people tell me that Spanish is essential in Miami.

    Have you tried Rosetta Stone? Was it worth the $500?

    Also, to learn Spanish, there is Latin American and Spain. To speak the Spanish spoken in Miami (or in the US in general) would I want Latin American?
  2. oooh. I'm so glad you started this thread cause we've been wondering the same thing. don't like the price tag if its not worth it....I hope someone chimes in!
  3. ^^^Yea, the price tag is awful!!! The website has a 10% discount though. *bay is a little cheaper, but I don't trust spending that much money on there!

    What language do you want to learn Shoo?
  4. Welcome to South Florida! We will have to meet up!!

    Yes, moving to Miami you want to learn Latin American Spanish. You do not *need* to know it in Miami, but it is EXTREMELY helpful to know some Spanish. Over 50% of the people living in Miami speak Spanish, venturing quite a bit more than 50%.

    Anyhow, I bought Rosetta Stone for German and used it two days. That really did not do much for me obviously, but I keep meaning to try it out again. I hear it is helpful, but do not truly know! Sorry :sad:
  5. I bought a Spanish 1 and 2 package at this kiosk in my local mall and found it very useful. They offered me a 15% for buying it there. I would recommend the Latin America if you're going to Miami. The Spain would be more ideal for travels to Spain.

    I'm a visual learning person, so the pictures helped a lot. The repetition of the native speaker has engraved the pattern of speech and words into my head. They have a sample CD that you could request for free from their website for Lesson 1, so if you want to give it a try before you make your mind, I would advise you to get the free sample CD first.
  6. Spanish and then maybe French after that.
  7. Thanks Megs! I thought I remembered that you were trying German awhile back!!!

    And yes, would totally love to meet up sometime when I move there!!
  8. That's awesome Shoo! I took French in school, but didn't use it when I left Canada and have lost it. I can still read it and understand most of it, but not speak it very well anymore.

    I'd love to do Spanish, French, and German. Although, without immersion it is so hard to retain it! I figure being in Miami I can force myself to can probably do the same in SoCal!

    Fashion: ohhhhh I didn't know they had a sample CD!!! I will go check that out right now!
  9. If I find a German immersion program down here we could go together!!! :amuse:
  10. LOL, I thought for sure that Vlad would be your German immersion!

    I'm guessing non-Spanish immersion programs are pretty rare in that neck of the woods! I probably would have had a better time up here in Indiana!
  11. I had the immersion program - in my house growing up! unfortunately, my folks only spoke it when they didn't want us to know what they were saying. it was like a secret language. I still picked up a lot of it though and can understand quite a bit - I just suck and speaking it!
  12. Thanks so much Fashion! I was looking all over and didn't see it. I found the little 2 minute online demo....and it looks interesting! I am a bit of a visual learner :smile:

    Shoo: My grandparents were the same way with German. They would only talk in German when they were arguing!
  13. I was forced to take German in high school because they did not believe I didn't know how to speak spanish and thought I just wanted and easy A. (jerks). So, after two years of German, I can count to ten, ask "who are you" and say, "thats too bad" and of course, know all the bad words...
  14. LOL Shoo! How is it that we always learn all the bad words first? LOL

    That's all my hubby knows of Spanish (after living in CA his entire life)....but I'm convincing him that it probably isn't the best way to communicate in Miami LOL