Roses Speedy..Worth it? Still Wearable?

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  1. ive been wanting a roses speedy and i found one ....for $ many of you have the roses speedy and still use it?...if you dont own one what made you not get one? ..

    is it worth me getting this bag over the artsy? ....
  2. thats a little pricey to me. but even if it were cheaper, between the two i'd definitely choose artsy.
  3. I just bought the Artsy and I love it. I'm a Speedy girl, though, and I love Speedys. The Roses Speedy is so nice -- it was still available on a few days ago. I'd rather get a new one from the website (cheaper price, too!!). Let us know what you decide.
  4. I have the Roses speedy and still love it. I haven't carried it much lately due to the rain but will definitely bring it out for the spring. With that being said, $1700.00 is way to much to spend on one. I've seen new ones selling for much less and even below retail. I would check Bonanzle, Fashionphile and Malleries before spending that much.

    Good luck!
  5. I bought the roses speedy from the store and I used it a TON until the weather got cold. I haven't really used it since then but you can believe I'll be taking her back out when spring comes around, I still love her to death. I say you should definitely get one, but I would maybe wait a little longer to find one for a better price. $1700 is just way too much IMO. I'd try to get at or below retail, since it'll be used anyway.
    Good luck!
  6. still has them for 1300!!!!!! There are a lot on ebay now but sellers want more than retail..... meanwhile they are still available online....which I totally don't get!!!!!
    Anyway, I am sooo tempted to just buy one too, but think I will get more use out of the poemme alma mm which I also have been obsessing over!!!!!
    It's a hot I say GO FOR iT!!!!!
  7. Wow, I love the idea of a roses speedy. But that's a lot of money.
  8. i called 1866 vuitton and asked them if they had any left in the stores and soho lv has some for retail price of 1310 :yahoo:
  9. I had so much personal drama with the roses. I received the pochette last year as a gift, and then bought the neverfull for myself. I just couldn't justify the money spent, so I sold it when we were buying a new home. I just bought the neverfull roses again a couple of weeks ago, but just returned it on Sunday as I decided it didn't fit my lifestyle/wardrobe. I think that the roses pattern is beautiful, but it wasn't something that I would wear or carry very often. However, if it works for you, then go for it!
  10. I love it. I personally hate the artsy, so I say get the speedy!
  11. Go for it! I have 1 but haven't carried it in forever b/c of snow!

    It's great LV located one for you too!!
  12. I love the roses!

  13. ITA

    If I had one I'd totally wear it!
  14. wow, the price is a little steep, but if you can barging with them by a few hundred, maybe it'll be worth it.
  15. I wouldn't pay that much, but I would wear the hell out of it ;)
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