Roses Speedy or Mon Monogram Speedy? Help me decide!

My next LV- Roses speedy or mon monogram speedy?

  • Roses Speedy 30

  • Mon Monogram Speedy 30

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Feb 23, 2008
Hi everyone, I don't post here much but lurk a lot :smile: I am again in the market for a new louis vuitton, specifically a speedy because I don't have one in my collection. I have wanted a mon monogram speedy since they started the service in 2008, but when I saw the roses I fell in love with it but then it sold out at my store fast, but recently I rediscovered it online! So here's my dilemma: get the roses speedy online before it's not available anymore? or get the mon monogram speedy that I have wanted for almost two years? Side note of concern: When I went to pick out the colors today for the mon monogram, the sample had a place where the paint had already come off! I asked about this because I thought the paint was done under the coating, and she said it wasn't and could come off. YIKES! I have read a couple of people having issues with this on tpf- This really concerns me and makes me wonder about the roses too- anyone have issues with the paint coming off their roses speedy or neverfull? Thank you everyone in advance for your help- it is a really tough decision- both are beautiful


Jul 23, 2009
I havent voted yet but I would say this...keep in mind that the paint may come off (chip) on both of them. I have read post from those that this has happened to. For that reason I have not ordered a mon mono yet. With that said I say go with what you can for sure get right now...the roses speedy. The mon mono is something you could always get later, but as you know the Roses is limited. To add a little more you could personalize the Roses with your heat stamp initials, one on each of the leather diamond shaped pieces on the canvas....kwim??? This is what I am considering doing in stead of mon mono.


Nov 28, 2006
Only problem about the mon and the roses they are both silk screened and just like the multicolor they will chip.

Here is a thread about the mon chipping on the first time worn

Here is what my mc wallet looked like about less than a year




May 9, 2009
I can't believe they chip!! for the $$$ nothing should be coming off or turning color. these bags should last us a loooong time. I just get so disappointed when I see pix like beljwl, makes me kinda mad actually :mad:
but i agree w.many others... roses now if you must then mon mono if you must.


Dec 22, 2008
Whoa! This is tough! I have both, and love both. If I had to choose one, I would probably go with the roses, because it has that wow factor. Plus, like the previous posters have mentioned, you can always get the mon mono later....that's what I did.

Good luck!