Roses questions...

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  1. are these pieces readily available in stores or can you only get them if you were on a waiting list? also, does anyone have prices for speedy, NF, pochette, and scarf? TIA! :heart:
  2. ^^You may contact your nearest boutique and call 1866 to check for availabilty. As for pricing, Stephen Sprouse collection is already listed on
  3. I saw them all at the beverly hills lv yesterday
  4. speedy---1310 USD
    neverfulll---1360 USD
    Pochette---500 USD

    * Not sure about the scarf....the small one is 275 USD
  5. I saw them there too.

    Did you ask when they're getting the grafitti in?

  6. Graffiti is being launched 2/2/09.

    Also the US LV website may replenish roses items tomorrow morning that are currently listed as sold out. So if you want something, check tomorrow morning to see if it reappearred.

  7. she said early feb.
  8. Thanks, girls!