Roses question

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  1. Hi

    Does anyone know how long the roses line will be available for ??
  2. My guess is this is a one shot deal so until they run out...I don't think they're making batches and batches of it. Anyone else know?
  3. no one really knows for sure, which is really frustrating. some of us here have heard limited, some have heard seasonal.
  4. It's seasonal and extremely limited so I would buy now to save disappointment. As with most seasonal items if it isn't much of a success you may find once the hype has dies down some stores may still have some pieces left, but from all accounts I've heard it is walking out the door! Get in quick or be prepared to spend alot on Ebay to get one
  5. It is seasonally limited. LOL

    But seriously, the items are selling fast. So like others have said - if you want something probably best to buy it now. Items are already on ebay for 3x the original price.
  6. Ok thanks everyone ...just sometimes when they say limited it never is .. for instance the watercolour was still available months after release
  7. I think it depends on how quickly they sell out -it can still be Limited Production but take awhile to sell out-LE usually means they won't just keep producing it all year for years to come.
  8. The watercolour with vachetta was available for months but that was seasonal not LE, it was the exotic that was LE & those didn't hang around long
  9. My SA said it was limited. They only had 2 pochettes for example, and just one was available even though they didn't offer waitlisting this time. :nuts:

    Get it while you can is your safest bet.
  10. when I call customer service the other day, I was told another shipment of roses was arriving i 1 -2 weeks at our boutiques here. When I spoke with my SA, she confirmed more were coming...not sure if that helps out but thougth I would share...
  11. i was told the same thing........ lots of speedies...

    BUT NO MORE NF!!!!
    that was the news~ i actually got a little excitied since i got NF....:heart:

    i want the new Rose zippy...... :heart::heart::heart:
  12. My SA told me not to worry if I wanted a Speedy cuz it would be around for a while since I was undecided on it at the time it was released.
  13. No more NF:crybaby: I wanted one so badly...especially after seeing your pictures...
  14. ^^^Yes, that is what I was told too.
  15. I heard that the NF's were almost all gone and that they still had speedies available...