Roses or the Pink Grafratti Neverfull?

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  1. The Louis Vuitton near me has the Roses Neverfull available but I can't decide.. I could also get on the list for the pink Grafratti Neverfull GM which comes out in Feb.... PLEASE help me decide?
  2. if you have a bunch of practical bags, i would go for the pink grafratti!
  3. I love both! :smile: But I think I'd go with the Roses......Graffiti is great, but I'd be afraid to be a little tired of the neon print eventually......tough call, though.
  4. I just got the Roses Neverfull today and it's TDF! Granted, I haven't seen the Pink Graffiti NF in person yet but the Roses are just sooo pretty and unique I'd have to pick it.
  5. Neverfull. I personally don't like the graffiti. Just my opinion.
  6. So happy to hear that you love it- I just ordered it today too!:P

    Originally I was going to go for the Grafitti but then decided I liked the idea of multi colors to work w/ in my wardrobe and not just the one color KWIM?
  7. I would go for graffiti ... I prefer the lining and the size of the GM over the roses MM:yes:
  8. Yay, you're going to love it too K! :yahoo: It's breathtaking in person, it really is. And you're right, it will definitely go with a lot more than the Graffiti would.
  9. I am in the same deliemma too...
  10. I would have loved the Grafitti Neverfull if it came in MM, rather than GM, which is why I got the speedy instead. But I couldn't choose between pink graffiti and roses and ended up getting everything, including a huge credit card bill. I'm no help, I guess. But maybe looking at pics of my speedy may help you?
  11. I agree with Restricter, the GM is too big for me and the print on the Neverfull Graffiti is really too big you can't really make out the print-it all just blends together,there is no definition between the letters KWIM? So I would go for the Roses if you have your heart set on a Neverfull, otherwise I love the Speedy in Graffiti.
  12. i would vote pink graffiti..
    but maybe i'm bias.. since i will be getting the speedy in pink graffiti.
  13. Hands down on the Graffiti Neverfull. It's uber fab and gorgeous, and I :heart: the neon pink. I saw the Roses Neverfull live in living color, but...I dunno, it's personally not my cup of tea. Neverfull Graffiti all the way :tup:!
  14. Neon Pink Graffiti!!!! So hot!
  15. I'm going to get the Pink Graffiti Neverfull, so I voted for Pink Graffiti. :tup: