Roses collection..which piece is the most popular?

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  1. Good evening everyone..

    I have looked at your pictures from the roses collection, and now I´m in love.
    I thought that maybe I will get the pochette/the speedy if they are available anymore.
    I also love that scarf, but I´m afraid that the scarf is already sold out everywhere.

    what do you think, what is the most popular what pieces might be in stores still left?

    thank you for advance
  2. I heard that they produced less NF's in the roses and that they are selling out faster for that reason...the collection is gorgy and all items are HOT cannot go wrong...I have the scarf and NF and love them ...eyeing the speedy and stole...
  3. I adore my speedy, but I think a lot of people are snatching up the pochette because it's just a little bit of pop and can be used inside of other bags later.

    I'm eagerly awaiting my Roses Zippy though....
  4. I would have bought the pochette if I didn't already have a pochette. I can't justify to have two
  5. The monogram roses scarf for us$275 seem to sell out more than the other rose collections. It is not available online nor does some of the stores have them in stock. As for the speedy, neverfull, and pochette, they are all still available online and the stores to purchase.

    The rose speedy is the most asked for here.
  6. I love my pouchette!
  7. I've noticed that there have been a lot of reveals on here involving the pochette and the scarf. I think the pochette is quite popular because it costs much less than a speedy or NF but it's pretty functional on its own. I may be biased though, because I have one!
  8. I personally love the Neverfull the most, but since Roses seems to be better suited for a special occasion bag, I say Pochette!
  9. I think based on the sellouts the stores are having ... the silk scarf and pochette have been very popular.
  10. Scarf!!!

    I only saw it once on the day rose is launched and never saw them again!
  11. I would say speedy! quintacential LV at it's best!