Roses collection is a smash hit here according to SA! Anywhere else as well?

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  1. My SA (who is still trying to get me a roses NF in addition to my roses pochette) said today that they were absolutely run over by customers buying the roses collection. They seem to have hit the jackpot with this line here in Switzerland, only display pieces are left at the moment (do they ever sell these?).

    How is this line working out all over the world? Do you love it? (I :heart: it!)

  2. Well in Amsterdam they were also all sold out, but when I asked about the grafitti the SA told me that it was even more limited than the roses and that there was already a waitlist for the ones in the display, so I think they will also sell the display models of the Roses
  3. Roses still in store here.
  4. ^Lucky you (if you like it)!

    Why do you think they haven't sold in Dubai?
  5. Im sure it is, ive never seen something come out and have so many reveal threads!! I can understand though, its a great collection and definitely a hit; LV needed this one!
  6. Glad to know... Here in South Coast Plaza, they also sell the display pieces if they run out. It depends on the buyer if they will buy it even though it's from the display section.
  7. Interesting, the Hotline said they weren't allowed to sell the displays here :sad:

    I wonder if it's mostly the NF and pochette or also the speedy that is a hit? And when will the wallet be available? :nuts:
  8. I have seen a few people here in LA carrying Roses. I think they are selling well.
  9. They still have stock in everything at my LV. The pochette is kind of growing on me but DH absolutely hates this line so I guess I won't be getting anything.
  10. I was actually going to drop in to my local LV today to see how they were selling, but I just didn't get out. I think they received quite a few pieces, but I am not sure how much is left.
  11. I haven't been able to get to a boutique, but I was under the impression they were selling very well. I had to pre-pay for my roses pochette - my SA said no waitlists were allowed for this collection, which is consistent with info posted here.
  12. In Vancouver, they got a re-order in on Wednesday and had quite a bit of stock available yesterday when I was there...

    jellybebe - the pochette is gorgeous. I put one on hold (along with NF) to see if they can be purchased for PSN...
  13. -tell him if he hates it, he doesn't have to wear it!:P
  14. The LV in Nor Cal still have stock of everything. I went to 3 LV stores, one at the flagship store in Union Sq., one inside Needless Markup and one inside Bloomys. Not sure why they're not selling out.
  15. yeah, supposedly my store is only getting 3 graffiti keepalls, one in each colour