Roses and Graffiti Plentiful ??

Apr 23, 2007
I was surprised to see last night the pink graffiti speedy 30 on LV's website available. I knew the orange and green had been available most days but I thought the pink was totally sold out???? Hmmm also the Roses collection pieces are also all available, even the zippy wallets. I think this economy is affecting LV more than some, like myself, initially thought. I knew my SA said it had been slow; however, I thought for sure the Graffiti pieces would sell better. I bet if this keeps up, LV will end up putting them on Eluxury to help out w/sales. What do you think, are the LV boutiques busy where you live?


May 1, 2006
i think the economy has some effect. but i think that in LV's eyes, this is the collection that's going to keep the money flowing. they hype it up saying its limited etc., when in reality they're going to pump this line out like the cash cow they hope it is.