Rosen in lavendar

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  1. So uh.. I fell in love with Rosen in lavender today :love::love::love:

    I went to local bloomingdales to spend my $15 gift cards. Then all of a sudden I saw this beauty in pink.. I have only seen grey and beige ones in real person, but the lavender color is so juicy and lovely...... I used a lot of self-control to walk away!!! :girlsigh:

    Now I've seen a bag I really want after all these NM and Bloomingdales promotions are over! Bummer... :Push:
  2. Very pretty:heart:
  3. I saw a Lavender Rosen at Bloomies today, too. I do like the Rosen. It's a nice style if you like smaller bags. By coincidence, I was carrying my Lavender Dash for the first time today. It really is a great color. Keep your eyes open for a sale!
  4. I actually like it! I like the fact that it's a vibrant lavender color and it's a smaller sized mix quilted bag. I think this color on a large bag would be too much for me. For some reason the Rosen and this color look really nice (to me)
  5. I think this is really gorgeous as well... I prefer it in black, but the lavendar is a fabulous color.
  6. I really love it in black, too. It has those great silver chains! The lavender has silver, too. I really like the silver hardware.
  7. I've never seen it in black.. only in dark grey and putty (beige).. I can visualize Rosen in black though.. shining soft leather and everything.. :yes:

  8. :tup::heart::drool:
  9. i like this bag and the lavendar is pretty. i also really like the smaller version of the rosen called the single. i'm hoping i'll be able to get it on sale. it seems like a good casual weekend bag that i can wear crossbody, and it'll force me not to carry so much stuff in my purses. don't want any back problems later in life.


    anyway, you should get the rosen. great spring/summer bag!
  10. the lavendar is :drool:
  11. Oooh, that smaller version is so pretty!!! I want one too...on sale of course!:graucho:
  12. LOVE this! I am a sucker for for pretty, small, cross body bags.
  13. :tup: love the color