Rosemary v roxanne

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  1. may I ask.. what is the difference between a rosemary and a Roxanne? all i can see so far is that the rosemary comes with a strap and the Roxanne doesn't! is there a difference in weight or size? does the rosemary come in natural leather as well. plus how much do rosemary's go for- does mulberry still sell them??

    this is a very important issue as my hearts set on an oak Roxanne but the rosemary looks VERY similar and as I am spending big £££ on this baby (which could buy me my first (second hand) car!! ..ehem..) i need to know this info!

    Plus to help me further :yes:. those of you which have both - which is the best? what are the pros and cons of both. think of everything ladies. this is hard core market research here. i need to answer the question of all time - which is better: the rosemary (gulp) or the ROXANNE????

    oo oo and which colour do you personally prefer (pictures welcome) :tup:

    GOOD LUCK and thankyou :heart:
  2. The Rosemary is quite a bit smaller than the Roxy. Somewhere there's a pic posted by one of the girls of the two alongside each other. The tiniest of all was the Blenheim. If you do a quick search, the pic should come up. You could also check out the reference thread as that has pics of all the bags. Hope that helps.
  3. The rosemary is loads smaller, as SJ said, and comes with a shoulder strap too. Obviously because of this it is also a lot lighter! Rosemary is no longer available though and they havent come up at the outlets for quite some time, so your best bet is probably ebay for one of these? I know a few girls on here have acquired rosemarys recently via ebay.

    I have a rosemary in oak but not a roxanne - I think the roxanne would be too heavy for me. I think the classic colours are the best, particularly oak, roxanne looks fab in this colour!
  4. The crucial thing to me is that the outside pockets of the Rosemary are smaller than those on the Roxanne. I can't get my mobile phone in them so don't tend to use my Rosemary much.
  5. Yay thank you guys for your input. (esp. Ali - great photo reference thread - thankyou for finding them for me). soo i have discovered...

    Rosemary - lighter / straps
    Roxanne - bigger (hold more stuff) / pockets hold more stuff / can still buy new

    Apart from the rosemary being lighter does it have anymore great upsides which the roxanne lacks. OR (heaven forbid) does the roxanne have any major flaws (apart from weight)? I've read that the rivets come off - how big a problem is that?

    i was hoping i'd have sparked off a fued between rosemary lovers verses the roxanne girls... oh well i guess unless the rivets is a big issue i have to put it out there Roxannes win - rosemary's loose...

    anyone wanna challenge me??? :bagslap:
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  6. I like both the Rosemary and the Roxanne. However, the Rosemary wins hands down for me, mainly because I don't carry much stuff and I like the versatility of having a bag that can be handheld or slung over the shoulder. I'm only 5'2" tall and the Rosemary looks good for my proportions. The Rosemary is deceiving as it looks small (I was shocked when I first saw it) but it has quite a spacious interior. I can fit my long purse, large CK sunglasses case, bunch of keys, mobile phone, address book and have had my umbrella in there a few times (on the odd day throughout the year when it rains here in Saudi) or else a small water bottle. The front pockets, although small, are just right to hold my lipstick, small compact mirror, and also my computer memory sticks.

    I have a choc Roxanne, but it is boxier and therefore a little awkward when put over the shoulder - maybe it just needs to be used, so it softens up, but for now I view it as a hand held bag. It's currently away having a rivet replaced, but should be back soon. I don't view the Roxanne as being practical enough for my daily needs, when I'm running around town, grabbing shopping trolleys and carrying other shopping bags, but my plan has always been to use Roxy as hand luggage when whizzing through airports.

    Anyway, enough of my chatting, I know pictures speak a thousand words.



    Not the best picture, but this may help give you an idea.


    I would say that choosing which to buy is down to personal needs. Do you carry a lot around? Do you prefer handheld or over the shoulder?
  7. I always wanted a Roxy and would lust after any I saw being carried. I finally got to try one on though and was staggered by the size and weight of it! For me, Roxy is too boxy (please pardon the unintentional rhyming).

    Rosemary, on the other hand, holds a very dear place in my heart. I never got to try one on but as I knew it was smaller than a Roxanne, I took the plunge and got a black Rosy. As I'd only seen the Roxy IRL, I was quite surprised at how small Rosy was when she arrived.

    However, I soon got over this and found that, like Mini said, the size is quite deceiving. I can fit loads of stuff inside and my mobile also fits in the outside pocket - mine is a flip-phone so isn't as tall as most phones I guess.

    So, my vote is for Rosemary, but you may be better off with a Roxy. It all depends on how much stuff you need to carry around and whether or not you've got really big biceps to support the weight of a full Roxy!
  8. I love my Roxys better because I can keep them on my shoulder easily, do not actually find them that heavy and appreciate the larger outside pockets but, in an ideal world, I recommend that you should have both styles.
  9. ^^yeah i'm sure my family would be thrilled with that. but as they don't sell rosemary's new i'm a bit dubious as to buy for my first purely because i think the first time buying a real deal should be unique and special (has not been fiddled with by another!! i want it new and untouched!!:yes:). I have only ever played with a roxanne but as thier so much money i feel awkward putting them over the shoulder and doing too much to them etc cus thier always held into place with wire on the shelf.

    thanks for the pictures minimouse - the last one is particularily good - you holding both of them really give a perspective on how big they are. hmm i'm after a bag i can use for uni, going to the shops, travelling (basically the bag to end all bags - but i'm sure you alll said that at first!!!) this forum is bad i want all yours!!

    that's it there's nothing for i have to find a mulberry outlet nearby to actually feel the wieght of the roxanne on my arms AND to see if it goes over my shoulder nicely (i've got quite a small frame - so i think it will be fine + i'm 5"7 so it won't swamp me i'm sure ???). plus i was hoping to buy a strap for when i go on holiday (there's a thread on it isn't there - you should buy a camera strap or something??) to save my aching arms and by rights i'm a messenger "type" bag girl.