Rosemary oak or choc???

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  1. I have read everything about the different bags and have somewhat decided that a more structured bag is better for me. So, does anyone know the dimensions of Rosemary and do you like oak or choc better? I am relying on all you experts out there!!! Thanks and hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!!:love::love:
  2. OOO, honey I'm very,very smitten with the oak one,its so pretty!!! BUT the choc is such a classic color. I love my oak Elgin,I think now its aging the color is just beautiful,but I love my choc Roxy too,
    Tell you what,as you already have a black bag why not go for it in oak and that will easily see you long into spring, early summer,and perhaps go for a choc Annie as its getting towards fall,its a bit bigger and you can put a fold up umbrella etc in it???
  3. I am waiting for the mailman to bring my chocolate Rosemary - the seller on eBay gave these measurements: 28 x 20 x 16cm (approx. 11 x 8 x 6 1/4 inches)

    I think the chocolate looks good enough to eat, but saw a gorgeous well-loved oak Rosemary on a woman the other day and that looked great too... Tough decision :girlsigh:
  4. I think that is the perfect size!! I just carry glasses, cosmetic pouch, checkbook size wallet and keys, little stuff, etc.
    Chaz - your idea regarding the oak is a good idea! But really, after this one, I am laying off for awhile!!! Maybe, be on the lookout!!
  5. Now that is what I call a difficult decision! I already own an oak rosemary and have recently decided that I thihk I *need* a bag in chocolate! I would say that if you havent got either colour then go for the oak, as it is probably slightly more versatile. But then the chocolate looks so rich and lovely....
  6. Choc- I love the darwin chocolate and less likely to show scratches/ watermarks!
  7. This really is a tricky decision! Agree completely with Jo that the choc is less likely to show wear, and I do love that colour - it's really dark and rich. However, oak is also a great colour, and can be used easily no matter what the season. I guess it comes down to your current wardrobe. Have you identified a colour gap at all?

    Liking chaz's idea about the choc Annie and poss Rosemary in oak. But then I would say that wouldn't I? :lol:
  8. You know, the more I read about the oak and waterstains, I am leaning towards the choc. I can always use my LV mono for a lighter color. My only choc bag broke on vacation, so..... Might have to PM Chaz for a look see at the outlets!!!:okay::okay::okay:

    Thanks and as always, ya'll are so much help!!!
  9. I have a choc rosemary - and she is lovely - not showing any wear after a few months. Good luck with making a decision.