rosegold or dark silver 227

  1. Pls help me decide on which purse to keep... the rosegold reissue 227 or the dark silver... I love both and cant decide. I prefer the dark silver bec it goes well w my clothes, however the rose gold is quite rare and i feel lucky to have it. will post pics for comparison...
  2. oops, sorry. can a moderator transfer this thread to the main forum? i dont think it belongs here.
  3. I can't wait to see the pix.
  4. Can you show side by side pics so we can see? I'm familiar w/ the dark silver not the rosegold
  5. Both are pretty colors, but I'd go for the dark silver.

  6. Keep the dark silver and sell the rose gold to me? LOL- I'm kidding! (Sort of!) :p

    If you are in a position to keep both, then keep the rose gold. You ARE lucky to have it, it's beautiful! Otherwise, the dark silver is beautiful and if it goes well with your wardrobe, stick with it!

    (Was I ANY help? LOL!)

    Oh, can you post pics anyway? I'd love to see them! :yes:
  7. OMG! you have the rose gold!? i want it! hahah..
    i can't find it anywhere!!
  8. keep both.. please..

    where are the pics?? *excited*
  9. pics please.
  10. if there is any way you can figure it out, keep both. both are so amazing. i actually have the dark silver in both the 226 and 227 because i love the bag so much and the 226 was too small for me to carry my day stuff - although i love the reissue in the 226 the best . . . i never saw the rose gold irl - just from pics on here
  11. sorry for the late post, i was bussy cleaning out my closet and trying to decide which bags to let go... LoL
    i got the rosegold thru the help of a TPFer, was bought in Japan and I still have the receipt and box etc. the dark silver , i got it through a friend in the US... Love both. it's just that i feel guilty keeping it since i bought 3 chanels in a span of 2 months.:nuts:
  12. I am not one for multiples of the same bag but I really thing you should keep both. The rose is stunning and unusual. The dark silver is very usable. Good luck!
  13. Rose gold is so rare...I've rarely seen ppl with this color.
    keep it... keep it.
  14. Oh, dear.. they're both so beautiful. If you can't keep both, keep the rose gold.
  15. Wow 2 pretty bags.....sorry I'm no help they are both so special