Rosee pochette

  1. Hi!

    A few weeks ago a member PMed me to ask me about my pink Rosee pochette. I promised I would keep my eyes open for one and let her know if I spotted one.

    I have spotted one!!!! But, here is the thing........ I AM TOTALLY SENILE! :sad: I have forgotten who I made this promise to. So, please, if it was you, please PM me. Thanks!!:heart:
  2. :roflmfao: Rose-been sipping on something sparkly?
  3. she's drunk on scarves!
  4. It's just old age unfortunately... but I guess the champagne did not help...
  5. LOL!!!! Rose, you are beginning to sound like ME!!!! Yesterday, I started a sentance and by the time I got half-way through I couldn't remember what the heck I had started to SAY!!!!
  6. ^ happens to me everyday. so sad...
  7. That happens to me too......:nuts:
  8. that's why I have a special little notebook to write things down in now, because I just forget. Maybe I should buy an H notebook, so I will enjoy it more.
  9. this is every conversation i have every single day
  10. I did and it is full of lists, just forgot to note this one down :sad:
  11. I do this all the time! Rose, let me know once you find this person so I can close this thread. Thanks!
  12. ^^ I will.:heart:
  13. :yes: That's why I bought my Ulysee!
  14. Rose, I do the same thing sometimes even after writing it down! Do you have a snapshot of the pouchette? I'd love to see it.
  15. ^^ Sus, it's this one