Roseau reversible - opinion?

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  1. Thinking of buying a Roseau Reversible - I have some questions

    1 - Is the material durable? I have seen in the shop and it seem pretty durable; however, I'm afraid that the coating will come off in the near future.
    2 - Will it leave folding marks on the bag when you reverse it?

    Anyone who own one can share thoughts?
  2. I just got mine like two weeks ago with the original price! ( Neiman Marcus included it in their $50 off every $200 sale before..but I was like I wanted to wait...and then it sold out like I just got it from Bloomingdales's, afraid that it will sell out soon lol)

    I LOVE IT!!! It's really light weight, seems to be durable too. I carry it for school, so usually have my 13-inch macbook pro, 1 really heavy text book, some notes books, and my purse..So roomy and elegant! I haven't really reversed it yet, but I've watched some videos online and there seems to be no folding marks!