Rose vs White vs Yellow Gold

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  1. Which do you prefer in your Tiffany jewelry?

    I've heard that white and rose gold "yellow" over time - is this true? I'm currently saving for my first Tiffany piece, and I'm considering going with platinum, as I can't find anything I *adore* in yelliw gold, and I'm afraid of white or yellow hold changing color over time :/
  2. I like yellow/white/platinum. Not a fan of rose gold. If I have a choice between white and platinum, I'd definitely go with platinum.
  3. This!
  4. +1 Plus if something is bound to yellow, it is rose gold. I personally like YG best as it looks richer to me, but never buy something you don't love!
  5. Me too! I wish the enchant flower pendant came in yellow gold :sad:
  6. I prefer the rose gold. It complements my skin color.
  7. I own Tiffany pieces in silver, WG, YG, RG and platinum. My RG and WG have not yellow on me. I prefer platinum, RG, YG, WG and then silver.
  8. In Tiffany I have silver, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum.

    For me, I chose what suits my skin tone and what I think the design looks best in to my eyes. Some designs I find lend themselves to one or another colour of metal.

    I have had a piece that was given as a gift to me (Authentic Tiffany piece) which I wore all the time and it was white gold. It did go yellow after some time (I was not careful with it I wore it every day), and I paid AUD$50 to have it redipped. It then went yellow again and they gave me a brand new piece (for free) with all the documentation, packaging and a receipt. Now I am more careful and pay more attention to what I put my jewellery through (I was really not careful with it before).

    So if you do buy a white gold piece its relatively economic to have it redipped. If it goes yellow a lot they will replace it if found to be a defect. Of course I might be located in a different country and the retail laws of defects/replacements etc might be different :smile:

    I have had no issues with my rose gold pieces going yellow or another colour.

    Always up to you what you chose and what you like best. Tiffany is lovely
  9. Personal preferences:

    -Platinum for jewelry where the main design element is diamonds
    -Yellow gold for bold chunky jewelry
    -Rose gold for subtle pieces
    -Silver for anything with engravings, since you can polish the surface while letting the grooves of the engravings darken with patina
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  10. I love your preferences! Great point re engravings.

  11. +1 this is so true

    I picked a yellow gold daisy key because it is chunky. if I were to get something in diamond it would be platinum.
  12. I love Tiffany YG. I have a YG key on a very long chain and think it is absolutely beautiful. On the other hand, I have a scorpion necklace which I think is amazing and I think it looks great and very bold in sterling silver.
  13. I love rose gold ,, i have rose gold crown key
  14. I prefer Tiffany YG over any of the other metals. Though I have a preference for yellow gold no matter what brand it is. I think it just looks better on my skin tone.

    My second pick would be platinum, but I would only choose that option for a pair of diamond studs. Even my dbty is not platinum since you see a lot of metal in the bezel and chain.

    If you want something YG, maybe try looking into other brands? I would suggest higher end brands only because I like the look of 18kt more so than 14kt. 18kt has the richer tone that I prefer. Good luck ☺️

  15. I love your preferences! I have similar tastes as well.