Rose Vernis Spring Street on LT - $370 shipped!

  1. Someone grab this PLEASE!! :hysteric:
  2. cute
  3. LOL Karman the marshmallow is haunting you.

    I had a moment of weakness where my cursor hovered over the BUY NOW button and realized I own nothing that goes with it. :girlsigh: so pretty though :tender:
  4. SOLD!
    Who got it?
  5. DANG!! Took too long to make up my mind and now it's GONE!! Oh well, better for my bank account!! ;) Congrats to whoever got it!
  6. lol... You guys... Will power... More goodies to come!:graucho:
  7. Yes it is...yes it is...:sweatdrop:
    ALTHOUGH! I do not regret not buying it...I think if I didn't have my trip as my first priority though, I would've.
    I am GLAD someone bought I don't have to stare at it any more!
  8. That bag was toooo cute. I hope someone from tpf bought it so we can drool w/them and:drinkup:'cheers'.
    Come clean...whoever you are.....
  9. LOL I always wonder when I see a bag leaving let-trade's site if it was one of us :lol:
  10. Hello fellow members,
    I was the lucky buyer of that purse. I am so looking forward to receiving it.

    Jo Ann
  11. Congrats, Jo Ann! Can't wait to see pics when it arrives!
  12. WTG Jo Ann!!! :yahoo: I had hoped one of us got it :biggrin:
  13. Congrats, Jo Ann! Try to post pics when you get it! : )
  14. Me Too!! 'Suuweet'!
  15. Nice! Can't wait to see pics!