Rose Velour Vernis

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  1. How pink is Rose velour in vernis it very pale, more of a blush or is it quite definitely pink

    Help please I have never seen it IRL
  2. it's been a while since i have seen it irl, but i remember it having a taupe undertone to the pink, so not a true pink.
  3. It is a dusty rosé color.. Not a baby pink, but a more deeper/taupe/beige pink
  4. Thanks that's really helpful, I was hoping it wasn't a baby pink. Quite neutral would you say then?

    I didn't want it to be too girly but can you still see it's pink ? It varies so much in pics and I can't remember seeing it last time I was in store
  5. I just saw it in the store a few days ago. I was quite surprised to still see it. I'd say it is a nudish beige pink. To me its neutral and definitely not a baby pink. Hope that helps!
  6. It's a very Nude blush shade with some shimmer. I have the Alma bb and love her to death in this colour.

  7. Thanks for your help. It definitely sounds as through it's a colour for me. I think it's still on the UsS website but not here on the UK one.
  8. I have a pochette in rose velours and this is truly my favorite color. It's sort of antique pink color. It's not light shade (though not dark either). That's a good thing as one doesn't need to worry about color transfer or yellowing as much as with lighter shades of pattern leather.

    Rose velours also reminds me of a perfect shade of nude lipstick. I only wish I could still find LV shoes in this color! :lol:

  9. Oh that was brilliant , thank you. I didn't think of looking on YouTube, what a great idea, loved watching it. Absolutely love the colour too :tup:

    Thanks it looks darker than I was expecting, more colour to it which is a real plus. I was expecting it to be much lighter. What a fabulous colour, really excited about it now