Rose Tyrien Kelly Long Wallet with Iris Kelly

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  1. Such beautiful colors! :heart:

    I was wondering how Rose Tyrien compares with Rose Shocking?
  2. To me they r similar but tyrien is brighter
  3. ^^and slightly lighter...if they are not side by would think rose tyrien is rose shocking....but when they are placed side by side...rose shocking is darker...whereas rose tyrien is lighter but more solid...JMHO. Both are very beautiful colours.
  4. ^^^
    Thanks! ;)
  5. thanks boogee119 for clarfying that :smile: yes both are stunning!:smile:
  6. Congrats!! Very nice colour! :tup:
  7. Congrats!!! I love both colors!!
  8. gorgy color!
  9. both beautiful..many congrats!
  10. Lovely! I have a rose tyrien note book that I love very much. I think even prettier than rose shocking.
  11. ilovecocochanel, I LOVE YOUR COLOR PICKS
    They both complements each other so pretty !!
  12. Oh my, they look fabulous together!
  13. What a gorgeous combo! Congrats again :biggrin:
  14. Wow, 2 of my fav colours together! Congrats!

    ps I also noticed something which I believe no one got the same digital clock as my DS. :smile:
  15. Congrats, ilovecocochanel! That RT is sure TDF!