Rose tyren vs Bamboo!

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  1. Hello all!

    I just got a call from my local H store in regards of my waitlist.

    They offered me a kelly in Rose Tyren and a kelly in Bamboo; which i believe are the colours for this season.

    What do you think about this colour?

    I'm more like a neutral person. I got a parchemin and etoupe birkin. Now i'm actually looking a blue family.

    Help! What should i do? Should i take the risk for the bright colour???

    And also, what happen if i pass this? Do i lose my waitlist?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Wonderful that you are offered a choice. Bamboo is beautiful and pops without being too loud. So bamboo gets my vote.
  3. Oh my, please pass the offer to me. I love both color. Especially the rose one.
    I do not think it hurts if you reject. I passed a few offers but still get offer later. No worries.
  4. Are they coming in same size and leather? I love both of these colour
  5. Also, is it appropriate to buy it from another SA?
    My SA has a day off today and the one that called me is the SM.

    Another thing that keeps bothering me is that what if you take this? Will you be offered another one soon? Is there a limit for K?

    I know if i got this, i will keep on searching for the blue one; cos it is just my dream to get all blue colours. 😆
  6. Thanks for the vote.:smile: Bamboo is a very unique colour.

    How long do you take to get offered another one?
    The rose one is stunning actually. I never have pink bag before, so i'm not sure that i could rock it.

    I dont actually ask about the leather and hardware. I know the size is either 28 or 32, cos that was my request.
  7. They are both beautiful colors but very different. It depends on which color you like best. Don't be caught up with having the latest seasonal colors. With RT, it is pink and will always be popular. Green is a subjective color and is not too popular and it has to be the right tone.
  8. Both colors are stunning but they are both very very bright colors. If you can't visualize yourself wearing these colors, and the fact that you are already thinking about the next one makes me think that you won't be satisfied until you find your perfect blue. Don't get it just because you are offered one. Also, your chances getting the next one if you get one of these two really depends on your store. In my store, there is a policy that you can get one kelly and one birkin in a year and you can't get them back to back, you have to wait and give the other customers a chance. The unofficial policy is that you have to purchase a certain amount of other items for each bag you are offered.
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    congrats!!! i have both (RT in Kelly Pochette and Bambou in Kelly 35) and i absolutely love both colors.... they are bright POP colors though, so if you are a neutral person, and looking for a blue, not sure how happy you would be with either of these 2? but i do have to say if you have a neutral wardrobe, these 2 can work very well and be the focal point of color...

    i think if you pass and explain to your SM that these colors are amazing but not "you", it shouldn't be a problem! i have passed many colors myself that didn't excite me, so that shouldn't worry you at all. you could specify to your SA/SM if you want perhaps Bleu Saphir or Turquoise which are current for the season... that way they know specifically.

    i don't think it's a problem that your SM is offering you, i am sure the sales/credit will go to your SA. the SM is not allowed to have their own clients.

    and if you take this, depending how strict your store is with adhering to the policy, but technically one B/K per season (6 month period), so if you take either of these, you may not be offered another one until July-Dec 2014 period.
  10. Rose tyrien gets my vote!! My fave Hermes pink!! And on my wishlist :smile:
  11. Sorry but I would pass on both if I were you. I would tell your SA you would really love a blue kelly and that it is your dream color. I don't think Declining these 2 bags will not mean you go back on the bottom of the wait list. I declined 4 Kelly's before the 5th one stole my heart.
  12. Rose Tyrien!!!! The perfect pink!
  13. go see the bags in person and see if you love either one, if not pass. i would gladly take both lol.
  14. I love Rose Tyrien! I never get tired of this color. Personally I'm not interested in any green no matter how good it is (but it's just me).

    Do you have any specific blue in mind? I would do some research and see how realistic it is to get your dream blue bag this season (until the end of June 2014), because not all the colors are always being produced, and the color you want may be rested for the season etc. If it's not likely to happen, I would get RT. If it's very likely, I might pass this time because you can get only 1 b or k per season so would rather wait for the blue.

  15. That's a very kind of you! :hugs:
    Actually i don't mind any kind of blue. I love Blue electrique, blue hydra, and blue sapphire. So i guess, my wistlist is range from bright to dark blue. :P
    I know that there are lots of blue izmir and new turquoise in this season. But, i never see them IRL.

    I dont wanna pass this cos i'm afraid that my dream blue won't come in a year time. So, it would be a 'waste' of opportunity if that happens.