Rose Twiggy, come to mamaaaa

  1. I believe this is the PALE rose :yes:

    I'm a doofus - I wanted to add that it's gorgeous! :yes:

    All the best Decophile!
  2. ^Oh Pyrexia, this one is just for beholding and not bebuying :roflmfao: (at least not for me). I prefer your color rose infinitely more. I posted this for others who may be on the lookout for one.
  3. Yet in the auction heading she says the color is brown and made of canvas and corderoy...pretty bag. I want a Twiggy so bad, but I just got my Pink City today. So I must pass on it. AND I'm on a purse ban for a while...(right nanaz?!)
  4. so pretty but am also on bag buying ban! :sad:
  5. Yeah that's the pale rose from '06, but it's BEAUTIFUL!! :heart: