Rose Thulian - Similar to Celine Pink Fluo?

  1. I've not seen Rose Thulian in real life and some of the photos I've chanced upon are quite misleading as the colour looks really neon. Could anyone clue me in as to whether RT leans neon, like Celine's Pink Fluo? Thank you!
  2. i saw them IRL and to me fluo pink it is MUCH MORE NEON compared to rose thulian (which is a rich pink , much more wearable than CELINE FP ...) hope it helps ;)
  3. Thanks so much hun and yes that helps a lot!
  4. you are welcome :biggrin:
  5. Rose Thulian looks like a brighter version of coquelicot with pink undertone to me. I would say it's more red than pink, especially if it's not placed beside any reds.
  6. Do you have any photo of this rose? I do research but can't find any pic? Really want to see how it looks like...
  7. I have a Rose Thulian RH City, but it's very difficult to photograph. It's a very vibrant pink with red undertones. Here are some photos for reference. The color is pretty true to life in these pics, except for the last one seems a bit neon.
    Rose Thulian compared to a rose-colored pink pouch:
    Rose Thulian compared to a red blouse:
  8. I recently purchased the Rose Thulian and it's unlike Celine's since the latter is neon pink. My hubby calls my rose thulian like a raspberry smoothie color. Much more vibrant in person than in photos.
  9. It's very pretty and wearable - a very pinkish red, not neon at all. I find it a versatile colour...would have gotten it if I did not already own a cyclamen twiggy. Not sure if I want two pinkish bags :smile:
  10. Oh! Such a beautiful color ! I suddenly need one :smile: thank you very much darling for the pics !
  11. Happy to help! :smile:

  12. lovely bag!! would like to have one :sad:
  13. No not anything alike, seen both in real life! The RT looks more like a red pink, and the Celine Fluo is neon pink!!
  14. Love this color!!!

  15. BEAUTIFUL bag! :hbeat: