Rose Speedy or Graffiti Neverfull?

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  1. I got Rose Speedy!!! I like it but, now I don't know now.... because Graffiti Neverfull looks much cuter than Rose Speedy.... I got Rose Speedy because I think I want to use it even after this Graffiti Fever and it looks more classy too. I was going to get Graffiti Zippy Wallet too.... But, looking at Graffiti Neverfull with pink liner..... so cute!!! I didn't care for Neverfull before because strap is so thin and GM is way too big for me... shoud I return Rose Speedy and get Graffiti Neverfull and Graffiti Zippy Wallet or stick to my original plan Rose Speedy and Graffiti Zippy Wallet? or Rose Speedy and Graffiti Neverfull and No Zippy Wallet? ummm... Don't know..... Please Help!!:confused1:
  2. Get the Graffiti Neverfull and Graffiti Zippy Wallet
  3. i'm partial to the rose speedy
    i think it's just sooooo adorable
  4. "stick to my original plan Rose Speedy and Graffiti Zippy Wallet"

    ^^ I like this choice best! Rose speedy is perfect, and the zippy wallet is just enough pop of graffiti without being overwhelming, personally I'm not as into the graffiti on NF (mostly cos I don't like the NF) or Speedy (small print), it works best on the Keepall bec. of the larger print.
  5. ^^^ ITA get the speedy the neverfull is a little loud..
  6. I agree!
  7. I will stick with the rose speedy..
  8. This will still be the case for the Graffiti Neverfull, no?
    I would keep your Rose Speedy and get the graffiti zippy! Post pics!
  9. I prefer the Speedy ... and I think the GM is way too big for everyday use.

    Keep the Roses Speedy and get the Graffiti Zippy!
  10. Keep the rose speedy..............
  11. What about the Roses neverfull? It has the pink lining and is an MM so smaller than the Graffiti GM. You can still get the Graffiti Zippy. I have just come home with my roses neverfull and I have to tell you it is PERFECT !!! :faint: I also have the Damier neverfull MM and had NO problems with the straps. I use it every day.

    Let us know what you choose. :yes:
  12. Keep the Speedy, The Nf will be huge and when all the hype dies down in a few months you'll be stuck with a bag that is very bright and hurts the eyes to look at. You'll get more use out of the speedy. JMO:smile:
  13. Keep the speedy. I like it better than the NF graffitti. Too busy for me.
  14. I'd still to your original plan...keep the speedy and get the Graffiti that is my plan too! LOL
  15. If you weren't sure about the Neverfull before, I think the GM will be overwhelming. The Roses Speedy is just beautiful, stay with it. A Graffiti wallet will be a great accent.