Rose Shocking Kelly...does it exist?

  1. Following very late on the heels of mrssparkles RS Birkin post!

    Has anyone ever seen an RS Kelly before?

    I told my Charlotte SA to give me a ring if he ever sees one, because I've stopped turning on the Hermes bag wheel and landed at the point of being incredibly fond/happy with both Bolide and Kelly :graucho: I love both of them on me, and I'd be thrilled with either!

    But I've never seen an RS Kelly before; I've seen the RS Birkin and Bolide, but as for the Kelly, my SA isn't even sure about it, as he says he has yet to see one.

    I have no doubt you are all sick and tired of my RS dreams :sweatdrop: hehe I'm happy as a clam to finally be off exams and back to close tPF monitoring, I missed everyone :nuts: Except for dual dental fillings and getting my grades today, my sanity compared to two weeks ago if flying normal now :biggrin:
  2. Only a bolide so far. Sorry.

    Just Believe...someone knows the desires of you heart!
  3. There was a RS chevre mysore Kelly 25 at my store last year.....but 25 is a wee size.
  4. Me too, only seen bolides in RS (Just saw a etoupe clemence bolide could not take my eyes off her :sweatdrop:)
  5. I also have seen a 25 cm Sellier RS Kelly...sat at the store for the longest time on display...they might even still have it....
  6. QM, the 25 at my store was there for ages, too. There was also a 27 RS chevre mysore Bolide, and suddenly, they both disappeared. I imagine some little lady wandering around that only wears bright pink snapping them up for Christmas!! LOL!!
  7. 32cm sellier in my store for about 3 weeks on the shelf.
  8. HG is it still there??? :drool: That gives me hope that I'll find one at some point, I appreciate the info everyone!! :yahoo:
  9. ^^^Gone, sorry!
  10. I saw one a few weeks ago as well at my H store. It's beautiful.
  11. Yay - there's hope, Neeya!
  12. GT: I know :biggrin: Now I'm really really hoping that one pops up in my store!! :yahoo:

    Mree43 I wish I could see your store! :drool:
  13. Anyone got the RS Kelly? any visuals?? :drool: