Rose Shocking Bolide vs Fuchsia Ostrich Bolide and Stuff


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May 25, 2006
Slight dilemma, although it is most likely due to my being stressed out and depressed about things. Nonetheless, I would like some advice so I don't end up doing something stupid.

Here's the thing, I would like several exotic Birkins and Kellys soon ... but of course, the waiting list is difficult to get on. So, I figure Bolide can tide me over since it's my favorite bag after Birkin and Kelly. However, I can totally live WITHOUT any Bolides IF I can get the five Birkins/Kellys on my list (yup, I've cut down my list from over 30 to 5) so I really don't know how long I'll keep the Bolide ...

Which leads to the next issue at hand. I think my local store is getting a Rose Shocking Bolide 31cm sometime next year, while the other store MAY be getting a Fuchsia Ostrich Bolide 31cm a little sooner. I've always loved exotics, but lately I've been leaning towards saving the exotics for the Birkin and Kelly and use regular leather for other bags. However, this will depend on whether I can get the bags on my list ... After all, if I can, then I definitely wouldn't mind the Bolide in regular leather; if not, I want it in exotic leather ... Problem is, there's NO WAY I can predict the future ...

Furthermore, if I do get the bags on my lists, chances are I may be selling the Bolides when the mission is accomplished (since I will be content with the five bags) ... Hence, this brings into the question of resellability of Bolides. In your opinion, would a Rose Shocking Bolide 31cm be easier to resell or a Fuchsia Ostrich Bolide 31cm?
I think the fuchsia ostrich will be a safer bet. Although I like RS, it is pretty bright (at least in the photos I've seen; have not seen it IRL...I think I prefer it in small doses like accessories) but I do have a fuchsia ostrich bag and although it is also bright, I think it may have more widespread appeal...unless there is a tougher time unloading ostrich (am not sure what leather the RS is in...)
I think the regular leather would be a much easier sell than ostrich. I feel that ostrich is an "acquired taste" particularly as others may feel that they would prefer (like you) to save the exotic for Kelly/Birkin. With the thought of reselling I would stick to a regular leather or Chevre at best.
IMO I don't think you should buy a bag for its resale can't guarantee you will get back XXX amount of money for your bag..

The exotic bolides tend to remain on the shelf much longer.. the fuschia ostrich bolide 31 cm took 3 months before it was sold... whereas the chevre in vermillon and shocking pink were sold within the week...
Personally I think the regular leather will be easier to resell given the lower price entry, but rose shocking may or may not be an acquired taste...looks like it will be a tough choice for you.
I think normal leather would be easier to sell too.. and cost alot less than the ostrich... i believe u'll be taking risk with the ostrich bolide.. ive seen ostrich bolide in boutiques everywhere.. they're not hard to locate by anyone who wants them.. but a new color RS.. maybe the chances are more.

I would only point that you should only get the bag if you absolutely love it, because u cant really predict if u'll be able to sell.... who knows! save up for your kelly/birkin.. they'll come to you very soon.
It's a Catch-22 situation for me right now. I've been racking my brain trying to find something at Hermes (other than bags) that I will actually USE but have so far come up with absolutely nothing. I have enough clothes, I don't believe in having lots of shoes (cuz they worn out quickly), have too many wallets, can't do scarves to save my life, and have enough jewelries and watches as well. I don't use agendas (don't even have a PDA), already have card cases, etc. I pretty much already have everything EXCEPT the bags I wanted ... Unfortunately, I've been told that the only way you can get the bags is unless you buy all these other stuff first.

Well, NONE of my friends or families will appreciate it if I do buy Hermes for them ... They'll be mortified by how much I spent if anything. I don't like anyone at work enough to spend that much money on them ... So basically, I can't think of a productive and efficient method to go about this ... This is why I thought about the Bolides. I like Bolides, but I DO know that while I will enjoy the Bolide when I have it, I will be regretting the purchase and looking to get rid of it if one of my dream bags show up ... So yeah, not sure what to do ...

February Podium is coming up and I'm trying to pimp my way to the list (ok, that just sounded bad). I'm going into Hermes this week and I honestly hope I don't end up with a bunch of unnecessary purchases again ... but dangit, I want to get a bag ... Just wish that I can actually shop for more ppl (I'm buying two items for a lady right now, but I still need a longer shopping list) who don't have Hermes near them so that I can get some brownie points ... Oy vey ...

The bags I'm looking at are:

Fuchsia Ostrich Birkin 30cm (or Fuchsia Ostrich HAC 28cm)
Fuchsia Ostrich Sellier Kelly 28cm
Fuchsia Porosus Sellier Kelly 28cm
Fuchsia Niloticus Birkin 30cm
Fuchsia Exotic Shoulder Birkin
I'm sure that you have alot of brownie points already, I think they should just let you order something that you really want already!

Those bags all sound amazing! Would you ultimately want to wear an exotic everyday? I'd like a Birkin at some point, but for now I have to think about getting some property first.
i think that because i am in the exact same situation with vert anis and vert fonce croc on a kelly i might be able to help truth is bright coulors are the latest thing and i think its due to people buying things in more unique tones but if you buy the rose shocking bolide im sure resell market is better .
Here is another crazy option...

If your store doesn't have the crazy "one birkin per customer per year" rule, why not get an exotic kelly or birkin (not in fushsia) right now ? It would be easier to resell than bolide, and you'd have something to use in the mean time?

A non exotic leather would be the safeset bet as others have already pointed out.

Also check the inventory thread. There are lots of bags turning up around the world since the economy went south!

Good luck :wlae: