Rose Shocking Birthday (accessories only!)

  1. celebrated my bday this weekend, and fortunately dh knows of my new love for hermes.

    first gift was this pochette "hola flamenco" in fuschia/rouge vif. the design reminds me of our first anniversary trip to spain where we saw amazing flamenco dancing in sevilla. i love how it looks tied too.

    second gift was the karo pm in rose shocking chevre. my first accessory to start the "rainbow" in my white kelly (and future birkin -- someday!) i'm using it as my cosmetic case and occasional clutch!

    third gift was the agenda gm in rose shocking chevre. dh didn't buy the calendar insert because they go on sale (half off) every september (gotta save money when you can!). i guess you can say that pink is my favorite color.

    just wanted to share pics with anyone who might be interested in seeing these types of items. i know i love seeing everyone's h accessories.

    IMG_0153.jpg IMG_0155.jpg
  2. Gorgeous! I love Hola Flamenca, and the colour looks lovely on you.
  3. LOVE the color! I was going to get a karo but passed on it recently...seeing that pink one makes me want to run out and find one in rose shocking
  4. Beautiful! I :heart: that color!
  5. omgd, all that is going into a white kelly? how gorgeous!
    love the pink theme.
  6. Beautiful!! Congratulations!
    We are Karo twins!!!!

    Happy Birthday, enjoy your H in good long health!
  7. well, only the karo is going in my white kelly. i use my agenda calendar at my desk.

    i'm hoping to add a violet chevre bearn soon!

    yay, cb, we are karo twins!!!
  8. I love rose shocking! :nuts: Beautiful accessories, congratulations and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :yahoo:
  9. Happy Birthday! Love Pink and that Flamenco Scarf!
  10. Kim, beautiful accessories!!
    I *LOVE* Rose Shocking!!!!
    Hope your birthday was a happy one!
  11. Happy Birthday!!. Love the color of your new things. Congrats
  12. Rose shocking is a fabulous color. What wonderful gifts.
  13. Happy Birthday!!! Love all the rose shocking! You look fabulous in the new pochette.
  14. Happy birthday, all your birthday loot looks very chic!
  15. Happy Birthday!

    And I love all the PINK!