Rose shocking been discontinued?

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  1. Hi,
    My SA told me that Rose shocking been discontinued. Is it true?
  2. Rose shocking has not been offered at podium for quite a while now. It is only available in chevre, which is only available through special order.

    I haven't heard anything about it being discontinued totally (unobtainable even via special order), just not offered at podium anymore.
  3. i think it will be reserved for special order but i had heard something about this particular color ,and yes it is rested in a way because in the end they have to go through special order and then they have to make it for you . so i guess it will eventually be discontinued ,and if you think about it its antural because they now have bouganvillia , rose flou , fuscia , and even rosy ,so another may come or be reformulated because shocking only looks shocking well.... on chevre so i guess thats why they limit it to this leather. i do hope they reformulate ! because its so beautifull
  4. it's the inside of my avatar and I love it. I hope they will not discontinue it!
  5. costa, i love your avatar as well! she's a beauty
  6. Thank you pinkandgreen:flowers:
  7. My SA said that they won't even make SO for it anymore... and will not produce more of the small leather goods. it will be completely rested...
    I was hoping to get a rose shocking birkin in the future... hope they won't rest it... :sweatdrop:
  8. I ordered a rose shocking Kelly wallet in chevre with PH at the last podium (SS). It was spposed to be a Xmas present, but it still hasn't arrived. The January podium came and went and I'm still waiting. If rose shocking is discontinued, should I be worried about ever getting my wallet?
  9. I would inquire next time you visit Hermes^^
  10. I've seen lots of SLGs in rose shocking. Including on the Hermes web site. I would be very surprised if it's completely discontinued.
  11. I hope they don't completely rest this colour!

    costa, I :drool: each time I see your avatar!!
  12. The SLGs don't seem to be rested in R/S. But my SM has confirmed that she was unable to order a R/S Birkin.
  13. Was this at the recent podium?
  14. I want to know to. I'm looking at the rose shocking birkin pic and :drool:
  15. ^ not this podium, it was last podium. I missed the SM's call just now, will find out.