rose sakura a question

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  1. Pink ...... is truly not my color, and I never buy bags based on how rare they can be. but my SA showed me a 25cm rose sakura birkin, and something happened I liked it.... but my look is very marigela at Hermes, The Row mostly these days, and usually very simple, so pink usually never went well with my beige grey or white based wardrobe, so I ask you what would you do ............ take a chance, try it. or pass because maybe its just that mystery of a pink bag that just calls to us all... best,

  2. Pass. It doesn’t suit you.
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  3. I would probably play it safe and pass.
  4. If funds are not tight, you can always take a plunge and try something new! Part of the Hermes charm is the fun and unique pop of colours you rarely see in other brands. If it doesn’t suit you, I do not think a Birkin that size and that colour will be hard to resell (please don’t quote me on this as I’ve never rehomed any bags)
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  5. Pass unless you have significant funds and would not miss the money if it was a mistake.
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  6. Pass. Sakura is a sweet pink.
    A more sophisticated pink is glycine and that fits your style a bit better (if you decide that you want pink).
  7. I love the color on other people but I will pass because it doesn’t suit my lifestyle or wardrobe and it doesn’t sound like it will suit you too.
    I am a big believer that the right bag will find its way to you so you should say no unless it’s a 100% yes!!!
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  8. If you like it only, I would pass. If you love it after seeing it one more time, then take a chance and get it.
  9. You can like it to look at, but that does not mean you want to use it.
    Keep the money for something you know you would really like to own and use.
    Think if it as the extra you might have to pay for a rarer skin.
  10. If you have a few neutral or other bags that you use on a regular basis already, I think it’s fine if you like it. After getting a couple of neutral and black bags I would love a nice pop or sweet color bag too. But you have to really like it enough to bring it home :smile:
  11. This is a tough one. I think you have a pretty extensive collection already. I was in the same dilemma a couple of years ago when rose sakura first came out. Much like you, my style tends to be very simple and not very girly. Even my SA knows not to offer me pink bags. But I ended up with a K25 in rose sakura. I really liked the bag when my SA showed it to me. In my mind, if I were to get any kind of pink bag, this would probably be the pink that I would use the most. And I havent regretted it since. It’s the bag that I go to when I want to soften my outfit a little. It’s definitely not a bag that I use all the time but I like having it in my collection as an alternative. So if you are in the same kind of situation as me and you have significant funds, then go for it.
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  12. I do not dress in a girly style either. I am not into florals or ruffles. I am more so a graphite and Blue Indigo girl but something about Rose Sakura, I love it. I actually think it goes well with greys and white and plainer dressing just as well as it goes with a very girly look. I personally would take it.
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  13. #13 May 13, 2019
    Last edited: May 13, 2019
    I think based on what you said and the mininamilistic modern wardrobe you possess that a jige in rose sakura might be more suited to your style,( if it’s the color you like but not the style of bag that’s giving you pause?) and still gives you that soft pink pop of color to add to your greys, beiges, and whites. Also want to add RS would look lovely and still in keeping with minimalistic lines in a KC or KP. And it’s a smaller investment. :flowers:
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  14. Rose Sakura is practically a neutral and would look amazing with white or cream. I don’t carry pink bags (which make me look as if I were an oversized baby,) and the ones I bought in the past were definitely a mistake. , But I’d have another look at this and take some photos. I also agree agree with @Tall1Grl about perhaps looking for something small.
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