Rose Sabrina??

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  1. Hoping someone has a rose Sabrina 12937...the smaller one!
    Just wondering what shade of pink it is and if anyone has a picture of one? I have looked through the Madison thread and don't see any labeled as rose!!:P

    Thanks for your help!! :biggrin:
  2. I assume it will look like the Rose Carryall. Not sure but, here is a pic of the Rose Carryall.

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  3. OHH WOWSA!! :smile: That is a beautiful shade of pink!! Thanks so much for the picture!!

    Anyone else?
  4. 12937 is last years bag that came out at valentines day. I just so happen to be carrying her now. let me take pics
  5. I don't think they made a "rose" Sabrina 12937. They made a Magenta (hot pink) and a Light Pink. They did have a "rose" color in later Madison lines, like the carryall Lady posted.
  6. my question is will these new updated sabrinas have the D ring inside?

    does anyone know?

    Coach has been removing them from their new designs so i was just wondering if they took it away from the sabrina too
  7. ^Sabrina, #12937, is available in Rose, Bone, Mahogany, Walnut, and I think SV/Black. Not so sure about that last color. This is info straight from Jax.

  8. Thanks for the pixes...does yours have the silver hardware?? This one in the pix has gold? JAX told me silver/rose! :smile:

    Yes I talked to them too! :smile:

    Thanks ladies for your help!! :biggrin:
  9. Pink is not the same as rose. Pink came out last year and has brass hardware. Rose is darker and has purple tones. Here's the drilldown pic from the Japanese site.

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  10. thanks for the photo, it is very helpful

    darn i want it in Large with a D-ring of course:graucho:
  11. Yes I was thinking the same thing....have never been able to get the drilldown to work though! :smile: Thanks for the info! She is georogus!! :biggrin:
  12. I like the Rose the best out of the three colors posted on Coach Japan so far. But is it just me or does the leather seem more pebbled/textured than previous Sabrinas, which have a bit of a shimmer/sheen to the leather?
  13. I had the rose Hailey temporarily, which has the same Madison leather. It was really pretty, I just wanted pink rather than purple. It had the same kind of shimmer/sheen, but it was a bit more pebbled than say the Walnut. Sometimes the different colors have variations, like the Bone Madison leather is very pebbled and soft. Rose was somewhere inbetween.