Rose Print Antigona tote: Give me advice please!

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  1. I'm pretty new to Givenchy, but the rose print that they released recently's really caught my eye. I can't help but love how it looks, and I am considering getting a tote in the print.

    However, a big part of me worries that it will date very quickly, and even though the shape is classic, I won't get much use out of the bag because of the print. I wear lots of neutral outfits, but I'm worried that the bag will clash or something.

    Basically... What do you guys think? Is it better for me to wait and get a solid colour version, or should I get the rose print? Do you think the pattern will go out of fashion and I won't be able to wear it in 10-20 years?

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  2. I think because you wear alot of neutrals, a colorful bag will be an ideal accent. That is why I choose color bags over brown and black bags. The colors are lovely and varied. With capris, sundress, even jeans and a tshirt, this will bring a lighter feel and be very feminine and chic at the same time. The colors on this bag are beautiful. There are shots of Amanda Seyfried with her rose print gale. Look at those.

    I would probably only wear this in spring summer and would not worry about being dated. It is not going to be everywhere on everyone. Everyone loves flowers and pretty colors this time of year. I think this will give you years of enjoyment. I don't consider how dated I may feel carrying a bag. If I love it, I wear it! Updating your style can be tweaking just a little something. It doesn't have to mean changing your bag.
  3. My two cents - I think the shape is classic and the print is very pretty, but I too would be a little worried about feeling dated in a season or two. Since you're having doubts, I feel like that's an indicator that you should hold off for now, maybe see if it would go on sale in the summer?
  4. I agree that if you really feel iffy, hold off. Plus, I would wait for a sale too.

    If u feel better getting a solid, then cool. Really need to love it. Not worth jumping in something that gives u such doubt. Good luck with ur decision!
  5. I agree with previous comments - the shape and style of the bag is lovely, and I believe will continue to be popular. It's not something that will ever go out of style. The pattern could go either way. It's a gorgeous design, and provides a pop of colour without being too extreme or 'trendy', so could last across years. On the other hand, it might look a little dated in future - it's hard to tell. If you love it, go for it! After all, it's not for anyone else that we buy bags, but for ourselves and the pleasure of using them. If you love it, it won't matter in years to come if it is 'on trend' - you'll still love using it! If you aren't sure though, then I'd hold off. See if it pops up in a sale where it won't be quite as expensive a decision.
  6. Even though I love the print I decided to hold back my impulse to get this bag because of the same reason. Maybe if I can have this bag for at least 40% off then I consider splurging.
  7. Thank you for all your advice! Maybe it was because I was in a bit of a spendy mood, I don't know what happened! I normally don't splurge like this, but this bag makes me so excited :biggrin::biggrin: I thought I'd share what I ended up getting :smile:

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  8. Wow you went for it?! Congrats!!! Its really a beautiful print. Mod pics soon :smile:
  9. the rose print is so unique and you can bring it out every spring. congrats on making the decision
  10. Congrats!
  11. I think you made the right decision by going with your gut. And who can make a mistake by buying such a gorgeous bag? It will brighten your day every time you use it. Enjoy!
  12. Yup! My initial hesitations have been somewhat erased by how convenient and wonderful the bag is. I will definitely post mod pics soon :biggrin:

    Thank you! I love the rose print, even if it's headed into winter, I think I'll get a lot of use out of it.

    Thanks :lol:

    Thank you for your kind words :smile: I'm more confident to use and enjoy this bag, I'm happy I went with it.
  13. Lovely bag and a beautiful print - congrats!
    I wouldn't limit that to just spring-summer use either! I wear printed bags all year round. My outfits are often so neutral that printed bags give my outfits a lift without much effort - perfect for a lazy gal like me :P
    And that's an ideal winter print because of the black background.
  14. Thanks Straight-Laced! :biggrin: I'm the same way, I'm pretty lazy about accessorising and I find this tote really gives that "interest" factor to my outfit without even having to try!
  15. love this
    I know this is a year-old thread, but I just got this tote too and am so happy with it!
    I love the Givenchy prints!