Rose pop vs framboise vs fuchsia

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  1. Hi there! Anyone has all three of these gorgeous vernis pinks and can post up pix for a side-by-side comparison of these 3 colors? TIA!
  2. I just came to post the same question ;)
  3. I don't have anything in the Rose Pop, but this is a start. Fuschia on the left and Framboise on the right:

    fuschia rasp diff.jpg
  4. Well, I only have the Framboise and the Rose Pop, so here is a comparison.

    I would love to see the Rose Pop and the Fuschia together, I bet they are almost identical.

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  5. I have all 3 because I :heart::heart::heart: pink.

    Fuschia and Rose Pop are both really bright pinks, but IMO RP is more of a barbie pink if that makes sense. The Fuschia is a little deeper pink but not by much.
  6. I think the Rose Pop is just another way to make money off the Fuschia again ;)
  7. I kind of agree. Although, the Fuschia and Rose Pop may not be exactly the same thing, they are pretty darn close. That is the problem with retiring colors, you cycle back around to the ones that sell - so why not just keep the same colors around? If they discontinue Pomme, I am sure another form of red will come around in the next 5-10 years.

    It is frustrating for me because I have a Rose Pop Wilshire, and a few Framboise bags and accessories - if I had known pink was coming back so soon, I would have held off on getting the wallet, agenda, cles, and heart until the Rose Pop came out.
  8. Yea, I kinda have this feeling too. :P
  9. Thanks!
  10. Rose pop seems brighter and framboise is more subtle. Yea, wish I can pix comparison of fuchsia and rose pop too!
  11. Any pix? :P
  12. Rose Pop appears brighter and to have more blue-based hues than the Framboise. The Rose Pop is like a fluorescent highlighter pink.
  13. ^^ That's what I LOVE about the fuschia - the 'blue' base = YUMMY
  14. i am not good at describing colors so similar, so here is a picture of fuchsia and rose pop in direct sunlight, no flash.

    in person, fuchsia definitely is a bit more blue based than rose pop.
  15. Thanks, this pix is very helpful!

    So I assume Rose Pop is like between Framboise and Fuchsia?